Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Lakeside Stadium Artefact Wednesday - Catacombs

Deep beneath the South Melbourne Hellas grandstand at Lakeside Stadium, through a gap in the gear steward Frankie's room, there is a whole other world. A world of wires and steel, with a sign telling un-authorised people to go no further. There's also some graffiti there for some reason. The only clue to its provenance is that it would be a post-NSL artwork, seeing as it's 'SMFC' and not 'SMSC'. If it was 'SMH', good luck trying to narrow it down. (it was probably Frank himself).

Photo: Paul Mavroudis circa early 2014.

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  1. One of our readers has sent us this via private mail, which we're thankful for

    Not a correction (re: "Lakeside Stadium Artefact Wednesday - Catacombs
    Deep beneath the South Melbourne Hellas grandstand") as such because I don't know when it was done, but just to point out that SMFC has been used by fans on flags and banners since the early '90s.

    I had a large St George style flag (blue cross with SMFC in corners) present at the '92 Dockerty Cup v Preston at Olympic Park. I also had a Eureka flag with SMFC during these years at NSL and national team games. Never liked the "soccer" club tag, always had "F" instead of "C" on my flags/banners.

    Anyway, my point being that the piece of graffiti may well have been done while the NSL was still in progress


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