Thursday, 31 October 2013

Has Mehmet Durakovic left for Selangor (again)?

Mehmet Durakovic (left) with Selangor teammate Jeff Hopkins
during the mid 1990s. I stole this photo from the
online  edition of the Malaysian newspaper 'The Star'.
Here's an interesting story I came across thanks to the much maligned poster known as 'mario' on soccer-forum (though really, if I wasn't focusing on my scholarship application today, I would have seen it first on Jakarta Casual).

There are reports flying around (see here and here) that South's technical director Mehmet Durakovic has signed up to be coach of Selangor in the Malaysian league. If true (and it appears to be so), this will be the second time Durakovic has left South for that club, after joining Selangor following the first of his two playing stints at South. Does this mean that we'll have to be on the look out for a new technical director? I still don't know what technical directors do, but get your coaching licences out people, there could be a job opening available at Lakeside soon.


  1. Nice touch with the clock.

    Maybe we should all write into the Sport Minister's office (Hugh Delahunty) like the club, HACCI, and other community leaders have and demand they agree to the terms signed by the previous government and allow construction to commence.

    Sth Members could certainly help their club in a far more productive way

  2. Sounds like a plan - should we set up a letter template and publicise it? It might help if the club was a little more forthcoming with details about what's going on - in July they said they were a couple of months away - in January they said they were close. I know it's frustrating for everyone, but it's hard for the supporters when they don't know what's going on and no one's telling them.


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