Thursday, 20 December 2012

Five Fabulous Years

Another year over.

Being honest here, there are times when I do consider stopping the blog, but that feeling doesn't tend to last too long.

I'm still not too sure about this project's purpose, but even after another loss, another minimum of an hour's journey home on public transport, and no light at the end of the irrelevance tunnel, I'm still drawn here.

Perhaps if I was someone with something better to do, I would have given up already. But that's enough self--pity for one year, because we also had a lot of fun.

That whole Toumbourou/3XY/Ta Nea/Greek Media Group thing entertained us something special during November. It also saw us get a large increase of visitors and comments. So many comments! And then the issue died and you all disappeared. Typical.

For what it's worth, this was my favourite post of mine of the year, because it shows my love of free to air television. I also liked this one, because it has a picture of a very tasty looking piece of cheese burek. And who could forget board member Tom Kalas stealing/borrowing/reinterpreting the first half of this post for his presentation to South members on the NCR?

Unless something major happens, we'll be keeping a low profile on the blog for the next couple of weeks, but do tune in every now and again, as I have about a dozen posts lined up which will entertain you for about two minutes per day. Anyway on to the thankyous.

Thanks to
All my readers, whether you like what you see or not. You add an incentive to keep going. Double cheers if you left a comment at some point.

The South Melbourne Hellas Hattrick crew.

Arthur Papas, for being a good sport.

Krizar, who balances out my loose anarcho-syndicalism with his western suburbs fascism.

Gains, for sanity and perspective. And for dinner options that weren't run of the mill souvlaki joints.

Steve from Broady, for his exquisite story telling.

Big thank you
Kiss of Death for providing match previews, and an aggressive angle to an enterprise which often veers too close to the maudlin and the mawkish.

And of course
Ian Syson.


  1. This post needs more Munch!

    Thanks for the year, Paul. Has made following this mob much more bearable.

    1. While he was certainly no Munch, the way they got rid of Stabler on SVU was just pathetic. Now who's going to rough up perps in a suitable for free to air tv manner?

  2. Appreciate your comments Paulie

    1. No worries, and here's to the FFA getting back to you on your rules of competition inquiry.

  3. You have far more readers than you think Paul,
    The recent escapades that the club went through exposed your writhing to a far wider audience, even my wife & her friends read your blog religiously!! (I know, it scares me too).

    It's cause of people like you the dream is kept alive,.
    We will be back on the national stage sooner than people think.
    Then we will grow again, then we will stand amongst thousands and smile to ourselves that we saw through the hardest years our club has ever seen.

    Then I'll take u for a drink at our new Social Club, while we watch the juniors training at the Futsal court as we walk by the museum wall.

    Don't stop writing, it gives us all strength
    Have a safe Xmas.
    Look forward to your ramblings :)

    SMFC Member

  4. Thanks for another year of your blog fantastic reading as always,

  5. Agreed... the only blog on local soccer worth its salt.

    As for SMFC's comment's abtou being back in the Big League. I am still appalled that so many ex Hellas fans who would scream blue in the face if any changes were made to de-ethnicise the NSL, are still running around supporting these other clubs in the A-League.

    Maybe, like me, they will see the light, and return. I saw the light the moment the Liberal Government had its hands on the overhaul back in 2004(you knew straigth away that reform to them meant more than professionalism, opening up the game to all Football lovers). Even then, it took me another 7 years to start attending games again.

    Lets hope the others who jumped shipped return.

    Savvas Tzionis

  6. Keep up the good work Paul, you`re not a bad read mate, go South.

  7. I an not even a South supporter and I am addicted to your blog, thanks Paul.

    1. Thanks Steve, keep up the good work at your end.

    2. Thanks, I am the same in regards to this line..."Perhaps if I was someone with something better to do, I would have given up already. "

  8. Great work Paul, really enjoy reading your blog. Was essential reading during that 3XY/Stamoulis malakia last month. About the only way to find some juicy South gossip nowdays. It's people like yourself and the many volunteers around the club that keeps the passion and dream alive.

    For the Tip


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