Thursday, 16 August 2012

Sometimes life gets in the way - Kiss of Death, Round 19, 2012

Sadly, we can't yet snap our fingers and make posts appear.
I got rushed this week Kiss of Death says. Make it look good Kiss of Death says.

Here's the thing. I just got my pigeonhole key today - four weeks into a twelve week semester. Do I really care about anything else at the moment?

Surely the Kiss of Death fanboys can deal with a slightly hampered edition of sophomoric humour, misplaced punctuation and more calls for Anthony Giannopoulos to get a run every once in a while.

You people out there pay nothing for this concoction - and I don't even use AdSense on it. Yet some of you have the nerve to say I should have my head kicked in because after nearly three seasons of the Kiss of Death being on this blog, you still think it's me writing it.

Anyway, we have a bit of a bonanza of Star Trek: The Next Generation coming up tonight - a Romulan episode, a Q episode, and the first of a two parter - so I best be off. Take it away, Kiss of Death.

Believe it or not, but work got the better of me this week. But instead of disappointing Paul and all you loyal readers, I actually put this together during MY lunch break. Enjoy.

Friday 8:15 PM Bentleigh Greens (5th) vs Moreland Zebras (11th)
Bentleigh had a 1-1 draw at Northcote, while Moreland lost 1-2 at home to Richmond. South needs a win to Moreland, so I’m tipping a win to them. I might be at this one, not sure yet. Bentleigh Greens 1 – Moreland Zebras 2.

Friday 8:30 PM Oakleigh Cannons (2nd) vs Melbourne Knights (9th)
Oakleigh had a 0-1 at Hume, while the Knights had a 2-2 draw at home to South Melbourne. The Knights were pretty good, and that second goal was a real pearler. The red card they copped was laughable at best. Oakeigh Cannons 2 – Melbourne Knights 2.

Friday 8:30 PM Richmond (6th) vs Southern Stars (10th)
Richmond had a 2-1 win at Moreland, while the Southern Stars had a respectable defeat at Green Gully 1-0. I need Southern Stars to get up at this one. Richmond 0 – Southern Stars 2.

Saturday 3:00 PM Green Gully Cavaliers (3rd) vs Hume City (8th)
Green Gully has a 1-0 against the Southern Stars, and Hume lost at home to Oakleigh 1-0. Green Gully 2 – Hume City 0, and an end to Hume's finals hopes.

Sunday 3:00 PM Heidelberg United (12th) vs Northcote City (4th)
Heidelberg got humped 5-0 at Dandenong and Northcote had a 1-1 draw with Bentleigh. This is a game Heidelberg should win despite their ladder showing. Heidelberg United 3 – Northcote 1.

Sunday 5:00 PM South Melbourne (7th) vs Dandenong Thunder (1st)
South Melbourne drew 2-2 at Somers Street, and Dandenong had a textbook 5-0 win over lowly Heidelberg. This is a must win match for South if they are to remain in the finals hunt. With all results tipped to go their way, all is looking good for this weekend. After going ahead in the first 90 seconds at Somers Street, South looked boring. To top it off, they bring on a kid named “Baggio” in the last ten or so minutes. I don’t have an issue with that. What I do have an issue with is the following. You have a bench including Gasparis on it. If he is good enough to be on the bench, then he is good enough to start. Oh hang on, he’s leaving for Greece after the game. Then do not include him on the teamsheet for fuck's sake! The other sub who was brought on, “Baggio”, played a half in the under 21’s. Yet the other two subs were fresh. Der. You would think one of them would come on instead. Simple, simple, simple. Not that I’m saying that cost us the win. What cost us the win was Fernando’s simple miss at the start of the second half. Not only that, but our desire to bombard the ten man opposition, instead of trying to spread them wide and keep possession is what cost us the three points. This week we need to win at all costs. If we lose, then bye bye finals. South Melbourne 3 – Dandenong Thunder 1.


  1. South Melbourne games should be put on hold during the period between July 20 and August 10. We are all overseas visiting the patritha.

    Or at the very least, they should have them all as away games.

    Anyway, two of us are back in time for the run to the finals. :)

    Savvas Tzionis

  2. In all seriousness, does Glen Trifiro care anymore? One of the players of last season in the VPL and he can't now even make our mediocre starting line-up. Also Gavalas has cost us so much this season. Why do we persevere in him? Saldaris has done a fine job in the 21s after also having come from Perth. Finals are now gone. Why don't we start building a team for next year and throw out all these 'has beens'? Anthony Giannopoulos must be given a game and so should a couple of others. Wake up South, I've seen the Junior results aswell and they are not impressive. Lastly the grounds you make the juniors play on is disgusting. Field 18 and 19 don't have any grass anymore and they are both under water. I've seen a couple of junior games and the poor kids can't even make the ball travel along the ground. Do something South or else I can see us in a couple of years playing with Heidelberg in Div 1!


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