Monday, 20 February 2012

Schadenfreude? What schadenfreude?

Normally, we here at South of the Border steer clear of A-League issues unless they have something vaguely to do with South. Not this time though. Following on from the mess that is the Gold Coast United situation, expectations were high for Clive Palmer's appearance on SBS' World Game program - yeah it still exists.

And it did not disappoint! This was material well in the tradition of Australian soccer comedy - no matter what your new dawn or bitter stripes may be, this stuff deserves a Logie. Look out for:

  • As politically incorrect as it may be, simply how huge Palmer is. Luckily I was watching this on my little Hitachi, and not on my widescreen Sharp.
  • The 'Come Play' world cup bid scarf. Facetiously outstanding.
  • The accusations of rampant corruption directed at player agents.
  • No mention of Miron Bleiberg at all.
  • Deflecting all attention away from his own failures.
  • The A4 sheet of paper he keeps looking at. Kinda like a certain person at South Melbourne AGMs.
  • His 68-0 remark.
  • His allegation that he was asked to dump the Gold Coast and become involved with a Western Sydney franchise
  • His attacking of the overpaid bureaucrats and foreign lackey coaches.
  • The chutzpah (to use a term Frank Lowy would appreciate) in calling FFA CEO Ben Buckley a 'non-football' person.
  • The way he just would not stop talking, and the deer in headlights approach of the SBS team.
  • Inferring that there is mass dissent among other A-League owners.
  • His idea that somehow denying Fox Sports live access (by blacking out games within a city hosting a game) will mean a larger television rights deal.
  • The implication that other media bidders have been blocked by the FFA from showing an interest.
  • In general tearing apart Fox Sports.
  • Inferring that the FFA's treatment of North Queensland Fury owner Don Mathieson lead to him being run of town and to his divorce!
Seriously, do check it out, it's worth it. It's what public broadcasting and Australian soccer are supposed to be all about.

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  1. I expected him ti keel over! Maybe that's what FFA are hoping for? Just wait a couple of months!

    Savvas Tzionis


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