Saturday, 11 February 2012

Saudi Arabian national team to use Lakeside

As rumoured among alert and/or bored members of our local soccer community, the Saudi national team will be using Lakeside for their preparation for their upcoming 2014 World Cup qualifier against the Socceroos on February 29th. Their use of the ground will consist of training sessions and a practice match.

When will this practice match/friendly be played? Don't know. Will it be open to the public? My initial mail says yes, but who knows? Who will be the opponent? This is where it gets fascinating. I've heard Malaysia, or Paraguay, or New Zealand's national teams will be flown out.

At one stage, even our very own South Melbourne Hellas was touted as a possible opponent! Now wouldn't that be something?!


  1. At the pre-Christmas meeting of VPL and State One clubs the FFV mentioned there had been a request for a friendly by Saudi Arabia and asked anyone interested to send them an email.

  2. Saudis have opted to fly out New Zealand and Paraguay for 2 friendlies!

  3. Played New Zealand under 23 side last night, won 3-0. Was not informed of this until far too late to do anything about it.



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