Friday, 17 February 2012

2012 Hellenic Cup campaign kicks off this Sunday

South kicks off its Hellenic Cup title defence on Sunday against Bentleigh Greens. Venue is Kingston City's The Grange, time is 5:30. I'll be heading out there to catch a couple of matches before that. Looking to make an appearance on Saturday, too, at the North West component of the draw out at Western Suburbs. Should be able to get home before Star Trek Voyager starts.


  1. South wins 2-0, Joryeff and one of the Trifiros with the goals, both virtual tap ins after the Bentleigh keeper couldn't clear his area satisfactorily. Both teams tried to build up play gradually from the back, not too much intensity. South keepers - some Greek bloke from Perth and George Malliaras - didn't have to do much.

    Some chump tried to convince me that David James was a good keeper. Others were hounded for going back on their word about the A-League.

    Our next Hellenic Cup game? Thursday week I believe.


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