Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Continuing Adventures of Jim Marinis

It should be noted that this has naught to do with SM Hellas, so if you don't care about the AFL, you can look away now.

Yes, it's true, away from South Melbourne Hellas, I do take a more than passing interest in the Collingwood Football Club. Feel free to send all hate mail via the comments section.

Been wondering what our old friend Marinis has been up to of late? Me neither until this:

Collingwood furious as manager shops Alan Toovey around via email 

All I can say to Jim is, take that overrated poor man's Rupert Betheras and fuck off.

Hopefully something more South related in the next post.


  1. So now the AFLPA is telling clubs not to deal with Marinis, because he's not an AFL accredited agent. Would have thought Marinis would have done his homework on this one. Curious.

  2. How professional is this guy, sent a group email to all AFL clubs lol


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