Friday, 14 October 2011

Say it ain't so, Joe

Daniel Vasilevski and Carl Recchia both gone to newly promoted Whittlesea Zebras. Which is a pity, because even though Vasa didn't have a great year he could still be useful, and Recchia when he was available was our best and most important player, also showing a fair bit of leadership. That's part of the consequences of having a sort of cashed up club get promoted replacing clubs that had no money.


  1. Very disappointing to lose quality like this.

  2. Leo's good mate!

  3. When appointments of coaching staff take so long, uncertainty starts to grow. Hopefully this is the only fall out from the long process that took place in appointing the senior coach and other staff. Only time will tell. Quality should not be allowed to leave this easily. Let's hope lessons are learnt and joking remarks are not used to merely brush over such occurances. Any sensible comments anyone?

  4. Have heard that Recchia has family connections at the Zebras which swayed him to move across. Carl has also played with Vasa for a few years, so assume that at least one part of Vasa's leaving is connected to that. That, and Joe Mirabella is apparently throwing a lot of money around. Good keeper like McMaster wouldn't come cheap I don't think.

  5. South lose Vasa and Recchia and gain the Trifiro brothers (not to be touched by Mirabella)....that was the deal apparently!!
    Watch this space!

  6. Recchia's arm as twisted by family, as for Vas... watch THIS space!


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