Wednesday, 6 October 2010

South on verge of exiting Singapore Cup

An early goal by Daniel Vasilevski has been overshadowed by a second half defensive collapse, seeing us go down 3-1 to Bangkok Glass in the first leg. A possible sending off that wasn't for the Glass Rabbits in the first half might have swung the game a different way, but you've got to deal with the hand you're dealt. Away goals don't count for double, but it's hard to see us coming back in the second leg - the professionalism and class of the Thai side, as well as the difference in playing depth and adjustment to the conditions, will likely to be too much of a hurdle in attempting to overcome a two goal deficit. And in truth, it probably should have been more. Still, one can hope that the side can adjust its tactics and turn this tie around - but it's long odds from here.

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