Friday, 15 October 2010

Camera Shy/Tram Stop No. 130, corner Clarendon and Albert Streets

I headed out to Lakeside today to take some photos of the redevelopment from inside the ground. I'd gained permission from the site officer two weeks ago, and finally had the time and a much better camera than my crappy Kodak point-and-click, to take some pictures. Alas, after snapping away for a couple of minutes, and just about ready to pack up and head back into the city, someone, possibly from Major Projects Victoria though that detail escapes me now, popped out from behind something and made it quite clear that I was not allowed to take any photos, print any photos, disseminate any photos, etc, unless I went through Major Projects Victoria, though that detail was only included after I'd asked how permission could be gained.

Which is a pity, because I was looking forward to providing periodic updates that weren't limited to Nearmap's aerial shots. The latest Nearmap photo of Melbourne is currently undergoing quality control - hopefully it's up soonish. In the meantime, here's a photo I took from the tram stop across the way. You can see the 1926  grandstand being held up by steel girders. The stand has been gutted of its internal mess, and one can actually see through it from outside. I would have taken a photo of the back of the stand from the adjacent carpark, but it was raining quite steadily, and I'm a wuss. That, and I didn't want to get the camera all wet, seeing as it was very new. You can see from the outside as well that three of the light towers have been removed - the sole remaining tower is from the ticket entry corner, and it's probably still there because of the Vodafone transmitter that's on there and the fact that it's not particularly in the way of anything at the moment. Anyways, when the new Nearmap update comes through, we can discuss that to our heart's content.


  1. I know many of us are really excited about the Social Club, but looking at this posting of yours, reminds us that we have been down this road (to a minor extent) before.

    I suppose you could argue the team has been dominant since the move back (delayed due to the frustrating Tsolakis era) and that this dominance might be related to the refurbushment.

    So will the next stage be a precursor better things?

    1. One can only hope.

      Though these posts also make me miss the days when Nearmap had a free component.


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