Monday, 25 October 2010

Singapore Cup quarter final videos

There's a lot of footage to take in - 45 minutes in all, over 3 parts - so rather than embed the videos or spread them out over several days, I'm going to just post the links to the youtube locations. Part 1 takes in the arrival, preparation and first leg highlights. Even though we got comprehensively beaten, our goal after a long period of maintaining possession was a positive sigh of what this team can produce - though the factors of a flat playing surface and an opposition playing style which eschews a hard press over collecting stray passes must also be considered.

Part 2 contains the end of the first leg, the post-match press conferences, discussions with the players about the game, and the first beginning of the highlights set from the second leg. Part 3 contains the remainder of the second leg, post-match press conference, and more player talk. I must say, the production values are excellent, and all credit must go to the volunteers who headed over there, but most importantly who've honed their skills over an extended period of time to get to this standard of work.


  1. Singapore cup 2010 finale!!!

  2. Congrats, best team in the tournament won it. Not good signs for Singapore though for foreign teams to win both the league and cup.


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