Saturday, 26 December 2009

Goran Zoric trialling in Thailand

Here's how I figure it: if some random dude from Sydney knows about it, then chances are others do too. Goran Zoric had been rumoured amongst other places to be going to Green Gully and Bonnyrigg White Eagles. Both of those are not true. What Goran has been doing is trialling in Thailand, apparently at Chonburi. But this Thai student studying in Australia called Tony, who seems to be a real football nut, especially for all things Thai football - he writes a column for a local Thai newspaper - who knew we had one? - and also has his own blog on aussie soccer (it's in Thai, but there's an smfctv clip showcasing Zoric's four goal haul against Preston - that was a good day) - anyway, this bloke reckons, as posted in the comments section of a recent article, that he's now trialling at Police United, who have seemingly bounced between the top two tiers of Thai football.

So, to answer your question from that page Tony - here it basically is. I think Goran's a player of some potential. Despite having trials with Melbourne Victory's youth team, he's been overlooked for a full place in that squad. He's quick, he can dribble a little bit - more than a great deal of Aussie players anyway - has half decent control, and at South has been played as either a right winger or as a small forward playing off a bigger striker, such as Vaughan Coveny. His finishing is ultimately what lets him down, as sometimes he can be a little tentative or even cute with it. When his confidence is up though, that is not an issue. And as attested in the fact that he trialled with the Victory youth squad, he's still young - I'd tell you exactly how old he is, but the player details have been taken off the South website in preparation for next year.

Thanks for writing in Tony! And good luck to Goran if a club over there decides to pick him up! 


  1. Thanks for the answer!!!

    I have never been to Melbourne so far!!!

    However, I have a plan to visit Melbourne next year. And Bob Jane stadium is one of a few football stadium I wanna visit during my trip!!!


  2. Better get in while you can - we'll likely be playing a maximum of a couple of games there in 2010 before we relocate for until late 2011 while they fix up the stadium.

    If you're down here, and feel like coming to one of our games, come say hi.

  3. Hi Paul

    I just wanna let you know that Gozza has already signed a 2 year contract with Police United!!!


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