Saturday, 26 December 2009

Four doors in an appointment

When posting the news about Goran 'Gozza' Zoric allegedly set to sign with Police United, I was unable to read nor provide any sort of usable translation of fellow member of the blogosphere Tony's piece on the matter. Fear not good reader, for we have been provided with a translation by our Polish correspondent via google's translation function. It still makes more sense the Ultimate Warrior's comic book from the mid 1990s though.

After news came to know some. But not that much interested in anything. Soccer is Aassie from Melbourne to test the foot with a friend, police team. I have been appropriate in the interests of this player today and treasured Eastern. It informed the press in Thailand that. Soccer this close to becoming one of the very police troops Soccer friends.

According to the data for the Global Hotel run by Eric web site and blog sites are different enough to make that this player. Same pace uncommon. And should make enough friends, fans, police teams have peace of mind initially. If he has to join the team. Try not believe he shot clips help Boasting a team of South Melbourne to 4 doors in a single appointment. Appointment of a war game in Victorian Premier League Seasons past. 


  1. "Four doors in an appointment" LOL

    Google's Translation always make me sick!!!

    BTW, Gozza played for Police United yesterday in a friendly match between Police United and Thanh Hoa FC (Vietnamese club), which Polic Utd won 3-2. I heard that Police's head coach wanted to use this game to decide if Goran's really good enough for the club!?!

    According to Police United's Fan Forum, it looks like he was obviously playing very well during the match.

    And here is some pics from this friendly match!!!

    All photos courtesy of Xinemax and

  2. Tony, that's awesome! Thanks for the photos mate.


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