Sunday, 29 November 2009

Seagulls searching for worms in the mud

Waiting at the corner across from Lakeside as the rain was coming down at the lights which take forever to change to a favourable condition, Rhodri Payne let me shelter under his umbrella. Thank you.

Ok, so we lost a shortened halves game against the West Sydney Berries. It was a god awful boring match.

The Pan-Hellenic men's final was on before, Victoria vs South Australia. The rain pissed down for most of this game, the field was already in a mess, and it was only worse afterwards. Some terrible tavkles in that game, lots of niggly crap. Vics won 3-1, all heir goals having some sort of deflection apparently - I only saw their two last goals.

What terrible organisation this event had also. The winning team got their photos taken and such, then the girls winners had their medals and presentation, and then the men had another go. There were numerous renditions of the Australian and Greek national anthems. Some kids choir got to sing in front of the 50 people that were left at the end of the day. Not inspiring stuff.

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