Sunday, 7 December 2008

Best first year of this blog ever

Kind of like the Festivus 'airing of the grievances'. this entry will look at where South of the Border failed to make an impact, and also did ok. Suggestions and additions welcome. More important stuff tomorrow.

A look back at what worked or went well this year.

  • International exposure achieved very early on Bolosepako. Thanks Po Hui.
  • Stood up for what is right in regards to the Pumpkins Seed Eaters thing, irrespective of what happened afterwards.
  • Lasted for more than a few weeks. Followed by having something new almost everyday during the season.
  • Got stuff printed in Das Libero and Neos Kosmos English Weekly, and the official site.
  • Kept people in touch with stuff that is largely ignored by the mainstream side of the club's media wing.
  • Getting on radio, in another state/territory mind you.
  • Got a book of sorts done up. Here's to the future

And what didn't go so good

  • Failure to get the point across effectively to the Pumpkin Seed Eaters. You know what I'm talking about. But they're dead now, or in hiding. Or something. I dunno.  But I'm not laughing because it may happen here too.  Apparently there a few sensitive souls out there who don't like people taking the mickey out of them, or heaven forbid, disagreeing with them verbosely, just being twats. Go figure.
  • The lack of a link on The Supermercado Project. Sure, link to Atlanta Falcons malakies, but not to the blog that was inspired by your other blog. Disappointing.
  • The lack of almost any outside contributions. I wanted this site to be for all the creative, angry, multi thousand dollar camera wielding South fans to put forward their story; as well those with no talent but far too much time on their hands. This is a chance to put forward their point of view, on their club, in a place where people outisde of smfcboard will see it... maybe they want to complain about the lack of coverage and freedom of speech? Or maybe they're too busy using their free (see sponsor derived via contra deals) Victory tickets. The offer is still there people.
  • No ongoing column on Das Libero. The land where associate editorships mean not much and where promises of glory go to die. But then again, the whole shebang seemed to die in the arse, but that wasn't really my fault.
  • The semi-disastrous Nearpost radio interview. It could have gone better to be honest, in terems of the what the final product ended up as. Still, nice to have the opportunity.

Thankyou to Ian, Cliff, Paul, Jim, Nats, Neil, Guido, Po Hui, Eamonn, Cuddles, Psile, Tony, John,  Michal, whoever the mysterious women's team person was who fed us info, anyone who said 'this doesn't go on the blog', everyone who left a comment, and all those people who got us to 20,000 page views.


  1. Good Job Paul

    Even though I may not agree with your views all the time - it is great that you provide content on our beloved smfc

  2. Also Special Thanks to Mildura Vasili :p hahah


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