Thursday, 25 February 2021

Venue and kickoff time change for this week's match - UPDATED

What was rumoured to be the case earlier in the week, has now been confirmed as fact - although a few details remain undetermined. 

The Heidelberg United vs South Melbourne match for this Sunday has been moved from Olympic Village, to Jack Edwards Reserve in Oakleigh.

The kickoff time has also been pushed back from 5:00pm, to 6:00pm.

There will be no curtain raiser match - these are still being played at Olympic Village.

There has been no information released yet as far as I'm aware about what the crowd capacity will be limited to. There is also no information yet on whether there will be pre-sold tickets.

While the situation could develop quickly, at this stage I am not recommending heading to this game, until such time as matters relating to capacity and ticketing are resolved.

UPDATE 27/02/2021
In lieu of any official guidance from Heidelberg and Football Victoria in regards to a crowd cap and ticketing arrangements, I was very much leaning to not attending this game. 

However, after watching last night's games on YouTube, especially the Dandenong derby, my opinion has changed insofar as no one seems to want to take any responsibility for how games are organised on the covid safety front, 

So my advice now is, if you're going to go, do what I plan to do, and get there early enough so that in the event that they do reach a point where someone decised there are enough people there, you'll be in Jack Edwards Petri Dish Stadium rather than outside of it.


  1. There has been talk about how the parties in charge of organising this fixture are waiting until tomorrow for the Victorian Government to announce a (likely) easing of restriction.

    That's understandable. However, even if that loosening of restrictions is announced tomorrow, there is no guarantee that it will take effect until 11:59pm on Sunday.

  2. Any public gatherings exceeding 1,000 people require sign off by State Government and appropriate Covid safe plans endorsed and published.

    It is unclear whether any of this has been done. Highly unlikely given the short timeframes in rescheduling the match to an alternative venue.


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