Thursday, 26 December 2019

Has it really been 12 years? Yes, it has.

Let me be blunt - 2019 sucked. I doubt that next year will be much better, but we'll see. Anyway, there are people to thank, so let's get to that.

Thanks to Luke Radziminski and Cindy Nitsos for putting up photos that I was able to borrow for the blog, and to Luke Patitsas for starting his own South blog. Thanks to those from whom we sourced more Hellas match programs.

Thanks to our readers and comment leavers, and the people who gave me and Gains lifts to stupid out of the way grounds which are poorly serviced by public transport.

The one unequivocal positive on a personal level was working on If You Know Your History, and so I'd like to thank again everyone involved with that.

Oh, and big thanks to those responsible for finally getting the pompom beanies done.

As usual, thanks to Gains for being the only other consistent member of the Public Transport and Cheap Eats faction.


  1. Good on you Paul, for continuing the good work. especially in a year where our performances were quite depressing at times.

    Hopefully I can provide you with some reviews/write ups this year (work was all consuming this past year). That South v Preston match from 1986, and then I will re-read the 'Death and Life of the NSL' book after the release of the criteria for the second division is revealed.

    1. Cheers Savvas, I look forward to whatever you may come up with.

  2. Another great year of the blog ! Keep up the great work !

  3. Well done, the blog remains at the top of the list of things I look forward to reading on the internet.

  4. Thanks Paul!!! Look forward to the blog in 2020 :)



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