Monday, 2 December 2019

2019 SMFC and SMH AGM dates announced

The annual general meeting for South Melbourne Hellas has been announced for Sunday, 22nd December, at 11:00am, in the social club. This will be followed by the South Melbourne FC AGM at 11:45am.

It remains unacceptable that the AGMs will once again be held so late in the year; insult has been added to this case, by seemingly just 45 minutes being made available for the first meeting. 


  1. Unfortunately Paul, this sort of behaviour is not surprising.

  2. The board did promise to hold the agm pre Xmas and they kept their word. Also there was a members forum which covered many topics recently. With a new president in place these kind of delays are expected but hopefully the member forums and earlier agms in the future this should alleviate any concerns re timing.

  3. Possible questions to raise at the AGM:

    Social Club
    - What is the length of the contractual arrangement with the current operator?
    - Has the venue operator indicated that they wish to continue operating the venue beyond the existing contracted period?
    - Is the venue operator up to date with all payments as part of the contractual arrangement to manage the venue?
    - Has there been ongoing discussions with the venue operator to improve the quality of food and the level of service ? There were times during the season where it was bordering on shambolic how the venue was operating.
    - Has the futsal court been operating at all?

    - Is the club liable for paying out the remainder of the previous coach's contract who was sacked after 7-8 rounds? If yes, what is the value of that payout?
    - Under what selection process was the current coach hired? Was there a panel to review and propose a candidate to the Board to seek endorsement? What were the criteria for such a selection process?
    - Has the football budget increased or decreased since the previous season?
    - The club talked about a focus in the future about promoting youth to the senior side from the U20 team. Yet, it has gone out on a recruitment spree signing up mature players from other clubs. Is this 'promote from within' policy still in place, or has it been deferred?
    - What are the realistic aims of the squad for the 2020 season? Is it to win a championship?

    Match Day
    - Why has the club abandoned its traditional Sunday afternoon fixture in favour of Friday and Saturday match days? What is the justification? What process was followed to come to this conclusion?
    - Has there been a review of the 2019 match day experience? What were the key learnings and what can be improved for the 2020 season?

    - Will the club continue its partnership with Kappa as its preferred apparel provider in 2020?
    - If Kappa is to be our 2020 apparel provider, what are the financial benefits of such an arrangement?
    - If yes , what is the length of the arrangement with Kappa? Is the club satisfied with the current arrangement, and is it seeking to extend it?
    - What were the thoughts of the club on its 2019 merchandise range? Did it deem it a success? Is there a large inventory of 2019 merchandise? If yes, what is the club doing to clear it?
    - What can we expect for the 2020 season? Are there any new items to be added to the merchandise range?

  4. Juniors
    - How have the juniors performed in the 2019 season?
    - Is Michael Valkanis still involved in the junior set up?
    - What consideration is being given into the development of the junior football curriculum?
    - We are constantly reminded that our youth program is the best in the country? How do we perform both on and off the park relative to other clubs?
    - What are some of the success stories from the 2019 junior program?
    - Has there been a high turnover in coaches in the junior program?

    - How did the club perform in sponsorship in 2019 relative to 2018?
    - What is the club doing to increase its sponsorship revenue in both the mens, womens and junior areas?
    - Has the club re-signed most of its 2019 sponsors? What is the club doing to add value to these sponsors?

  5. Financial Sustainability
    - what is the current balance of all existing bank loan/debt facilities?
    - Is the club's main focus on debt reduction? What activities/actions is the club putting into place to reduce its debt position and improve cashflow?
    - Where is the club looking to cut costs to put the business on a more sustainable footing?
    - The club currently does not have a revenue generating asset on its balance sheet. Will the club look at investing in revenue generating assets? What is the long-term plan for its sustainability?
    - What goals/targets is the club adopting to strengthen its financial position?
    - Is the club looking at hiring staff that will generate revenue (e.g. A sponsorship sales rep) ?

  6. A League bid
    - What was the total expense of the club's bid to acquire one of the expansion A League franchise licences? Was it privately funded or was the club footing the entire costs? Where is that reflected in the club's financial reports?
    - Has there been a review of the failed bid, and what are the key learnings?
    - Did the A League bid take priority over the day-to-day functioning and operations of the club?

    Second Division
    - what is the latest on the establishment of the proposed Second Division. Is the club in any position to apply for such a new league?


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