Saturday, 10 June 2017

Ticketing and entry info for tomorrow's match

Of course you should all know by now that tomorrow's WNPL and NPL double header is on at AAMI Park and not at Lakeside. Here are the rest of the details as per FFV sources and some other stuff I've added.

Public transport and parking
  • Short walk from Richmond Station (in the event that they open up the southern gate), a longer walk if they only have the northern gate open
  • Better yet, catch the No. 70 tram to Wattle Park from outside Flinders Street
  • I don't drive here, so I couldn't care less, but for those that must, there is no AFL match on the MCG on that day so for those that know the parking situation around the area, maybe take that into account.
Ticketing and entry
  • Tickets are available for purchase online.
  • Ticket sales on the day will be from 3:15PM onward, from the ticket booth in Section E.
  • As this is a South Melbourne home game, South members receive free entry to this match, but they will first need to go to the ticket booth to pick up a printed ticket. There will apparently be a designated booth for this purpose.
  • Gates will open at 3:30PM - entry will be via Gate 7, which is opposite what was Olympic Park on the western side of the Bubbledome. This makes me think that only the western side of the ground will be open to the public.
Women's game
  • The WNPL game between Alamein and South Melbourne will kickoff at 4:00PM.
Men's game
  • The NPL game between South Melbourne and Heidelberg will kickoff at 6:30PM
Live stream 
  • The women's game will be streamed live on
  • The men's game will be streamed live on Flip TV, which I assume will also be on Facebook but I don't know what the address will be for that, maybe check it yourselves by keeping track of FFV's sources.

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