Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Original Bingate artefact Wednesday

Apart from the main goal of (re)presenting) and presevring these materials, the words in this post is mostly me trying to fill out a page with text when the entries themselves - including the teacher's comment of 'nasty stuff Peter!' - speak for themselves.

Back in 2009, I put up this post which focused on how once upon a time (circa 2001), South Melbourne Hellas was still relevant enough that references to it in local Greek school course materials seemed entirely natural.

But of course, independent of any curriculum mandate, South Melbourne Hellas fans had been using South as part of their schoolwork for many years before that, and in my case also much later.

Some time ago a bloke posted these diary entries he'd written in primary school onto a Facebook group; I think it was the 'Bring Back the NSL' page. If true, this would be both ironic and hilarious because these images provide several strong arguments on why the NSL should not be brought back - unless you're into this kind of thing of course. Some people are.

I never got around to posting those here on South of the Border at the time, despite obtaining the permission of Peter Kougi to do so. So here they are, and a belated thanks to Peter for sharing them in the first place, and for allowing us to share them here as well. It's safe to say that these diary entries, especially the one with the bin, have already earned a significant amount of notoriety of their own volition.

We'll never know why I delayed putting these up, but the whole 'bingate' affair from this year's trip to Kingston reminded a lot of people of these images, so it seems fitting that we at South of the Border have eventually got around to uploading them, I am also reminded of Billy Natsioulas' story post from the blog's earliest days, which included reference to the 1993/94 Hellas-Croatia riot incident.


  1. By process of elimination, I realised that the game in question must have been the Prelimiary Final loss to Adelaide City where that idito Richard Lorenc missed the most obvious penalty in history. Petkovic butchered Trimboli. Score may have been Nil all at that stage! Bin throwing was probably the nicest thing that happened!

  2. I remember writing a few stories in grade 3 grade 4 about going to the soccer to watch Hellas. For some reason i recall a game we beat Adelaide City at home 3-1. Not sure if i made up the scoreline or if it actually happened.

    I miss being a kid going to the NSL, were great times

  3. Black Label Society19 June 2017 at 12:32

    I remember that 94 riot with the Cros well. BBQ grills being used as weapons, ECW style.
    Worst part was when the Cros threw a brick and it hit some poor old man in the head. Seeing him convulsing on the floor scared me as a 11 year old.
    My Dad got us out of there quick smart after that, so not sure what the retaliation would have been, but it was carnage at the time.

    In relation to using South in school work. Was in year 10 in 1998 and one of my English essays was on the South Vs Carlton grand final. Teacher was shocked to hear flares and chairs being thrown onto the running pitch.

    Then in 2000 during my year 12 Greek oral exam, my chosen topic was the history of south melbourne, and a good discussion with the examiner on how in Greece the crowds are getting out of control.

    1. That's the kind of comment content I'm looking for, BLS.

    2. There was no retaliation. Both sets of crowds got a reality check to some extent when they saw the brick hit the old bloke.


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