Friday, 10 February 2017

Contribute to South of the Border in 2017

I usually, but not always, put the call out for people to contribute to South of the Border around this time each year. And usually, but not always, the call falls on deaf ears.

But here am I asking for people to contribute to South of the Border in any way that they can. Comics, videos, essays, match reports, satire, parody, photos - anything that you can think of.

Been to a conference or some sort of gathering to do with soccer, and have some thoughts on how it may apply to South?

Read a decent soccer book you think is worth sharing? Are you interested or involved with the women's side of the club and want to see more content on that?

Have a favourite or formative South experience? Want to talk about how you became a South fan? I'm happy to take that stuff up.

If you're worried about the quality or lack thereof in your writing skill, I am able to help on that front. I have an undergraduate degree that I think covered stuff like editing, proofreading and such.

If you submit something which isn't quite up to scratch - I'll be discreet and considerate. If it's good, but doesn't fit in with South of the Border's style (whatever that is), I'll try and find another home for it.

And if you're worried about nasty comments, I'll filter all the bad stuff so you never have to see it.

I ask not because I'm about to quit, but because I'm always looking for South fans to take more initiative in putting their considered points of view forward into the public sphere.

It doesn't have to be a regular thing, one off contributions are also fine. Of course a vague familiarity with this blog's general tone and style helps, but there is no need or requirement to imitate. My emphasis is always on getting your point across, in your language.

So have a think about it, and if the urge strikes you to contribute, give us a bell.

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