Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Number 1 artefact Wednesday - Theo Marmaras' VSF life membership card

During a meeting last week of FFV's Historical Committee - of which I am a member - one item which came up pertained to merchandise ideas for FFV life members. That discussion deviated at one point to the problems of potentially numbering life member cards, especially considering the importation of life members from other footballing bodies when they amalgamated into FFV.

To that end I was reminded of this artefact, which I had mistakenly believed I had already uploaded to this blog. But here it is anyway, better late than never - founding South Melbourne Hellas president, and giant of Victorian and Australian soccer, Theor Marmaras, Victorian Soccer Federation Life Member No. 001.

I don't know what, if anything, was on the back of this card. If I had a photo of it, I can't find it now. Probably should have been a smidgen more thorough when going through the old social's stuff.

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