Wednesday, 5 October 2016

At home and abroad artefact Wednesday - Lakers and World Club Championships licence plates

Prompted by a recent email by Mitty, one of our readers, it's about time we uploaded this particular series of items. As noted by Mitty in his email:
I got the Lakers plate from eBay. I messaged the seller and asked him if he had any other Hellas items for sale in which he said yes, 'club world championship plate'. Sounded interesting so I told him to post it to me. 
I remember seeing many years ago a similar Lakers plate.  
But the Brazil plate is very interesting particularly with the Tony customization. Perhaps this was originally made and purchased in Brazil by one of our traveling supporters.
I think that I've seen a Lakers plate like that before; indeed, perhaps one existed in the club's collection of artefacts. And while I'm not fond of the Lakers' logo (the name I'm not so fussed about; at least we have a lake next to us), the design as presented here looks great, modern and clean.

One assumes those Lakers plates were commissioned by the club. The first Brazil licence plate presented here however seems to bear out Mitty's contention of customisation, though I;m not sure of the full story. When compared to the second Brazil licence plate presented here, it's a different colour, has 'F.C.' instead of 'S.C.', has one assumes the original owner's name on it, and a love heart to boot.

The last licence plate here was located in one of the glass cabinets in the old social club's museum space. At the time I was cleaning out and packing away items from the social club, I found that rather than being a unique item, that there were in fact several more of these in storage. The club may have ended up selling some or all the duplicates (about a half dozen if memory serves me correctly) of these from the merchandise booth after I re-found them.

The existence of the second plate seems to suggest that the green plates were unofficial pieces of merchandise, but any information on the provenance of these items would be appreciated.

As an aside, I seem to recall a custom SMFC plate (SMFC50 perhaps?) being auctioned off, I think around the time of the club's 50th anniversary. There's probably other custom plates that people have actually attached to their vehicles, but the items presented here a more of a 'man cave' kind of item of course.

Thanks to Mitty for sending in the photos of the first two licence plates, it's very much appreciated.

Edit, extra info courtesy of one of our readers
One of our readers was kind enough to send in this as an explanation of the origin of the Brazil plates.

Some local entrepreneur was hanging around the team hotel selling them, he would take orders one day then a couple of days later he'd arrive with the product, I think from memory they cost about 20 real each, 15 bucks back then. The green one I assume was from the same bloke but I never seen it before.


  1. I don't have much to add other than this 'Mitty' bloke sounds like a real vothi.

    Take care of my merchendise you vothi. Looking forward to our next adventure at a Hellas game where we can watch out for the random heads at the game. You know which heads, I'd list them but cunts might start asking questions.

    Kind Regards,


  2. Iqi's on one of the local soccer sites wearing his new Oakleigh top and complaining about being benched for the second half of last season.... any other news from the club about transfers?

    Also, has been a lot of speculation over the past two weeks about A league expanding in the next couple of years (bullshit media waffle to promote the new season I suspect) are we as a club doing anything around these developments?

    Also, you may have noticed those wanky "Gotta have a team" A league posters around town, I'v been pulling over and placing a Hellas sticker over the McVictory badge that Albanian guy is pointing too just for shits and giggles....

  3. Think I read that their favoured expansion areas are southern sydney, ipswich, geelong, canberra etc... no mention of Melbourne.

    We need a national second division. We should be concentrating on this.

    1. They've also thrown up 2nd Brisbane, 2nd Adelaide, 2nd Perth. Doubt that apart from Sutherland Shire they actually have any sort of plan.

    2. All the more reason to press for a 2nd division

  4. SMFC59 was auctioned at the gala ball for $2,500 and purchased by Limnos Poultry. The plate was purchased by a long time member and donated to the club for the auction. It has been seen numerous times on a Limnos Poultry truck.


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