Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Lakeside artefact Wednesday - Grandstand donation plaques

In the 'Hellas' grandstand at Lakeside Stadium, on the back of a seemingly random array of seats there are these little plaques. While not knowing the precise details of the arrangement, I assume they were placed there during the construction of the grandstand, which South Melbourne supporters and the wider Greek community contributed funding towards. Now with the removal of the blue seats in the lead up to the athletics track era of the stadium - and the unfortunate consignment of the 'SMH' lettering to history - I would hope that none of these plaques was dislodged and/or turfed out, even by accident. Whether those who donated money to the cause stayed on as South fans or not is beside the point; at the time, they made a contribution, and the club found a nice way of acknowledging that contribution. Some day perhaps we will have to go around and take photos of every single one of them, for posterity's sake if nothing else.

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