Wednesday, 26 August 2015

'Don't use it for styling your hair' artefact Wednesday - South Melbourne Hellas mirror

I searched my archives, I checked my email correspondence, but I just can't remember where I got this photo from, so if it's yours, please just send word and I'll add due acknowledgement (it turns out it belongs to smfcboard's Con F - see comments for further details.) Otherwise, this is an item I can only guess the year or the provenance of. OK, so it's a mirror with a 'Hellas S.C.'  logo printed on it, a variation of our logo which I'm not sure I've seen before, or if I have I don't recall the wheres and whens. Were or are there more of these? Were they custom made? Who made them? What year did they come out? Any help in providing some more information on this artefact would be most welcome.


  1. Hi Paul it is mine conf, I picked it up at an op shop in Huntingdale many years ago, I believe someone on the board also said they had one, maybe it was mass produced.


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