Wednesday, 12 August 2015

'Before the unpleasantness' artefact Wednesday - Tynan-Eyre Cup certificate of appreciation

The Tynan-Eyre Cup was an annual tournament played between Victoria's NSL clubs and occasionally some of the leading teams in the Victorian Premier League, with the goal of raising funds for the Blue Ribbon Foundation. After a riot by Preston fans at Lakeside during the 2002 Tynan-Eyre Cup final, I'm not sure this trophy was ever played for again, at least not by soccer clubs - there appears to be some sort of footy competition with this trophy name nowadays.

Anyway, this certificate of appreciation comes from before 2002, specifically the year 2000, when South Melbourne beat Melbourne Knights 3-1 at the Veneto Club in the competition's final. South had earlier beaten Eastern Pride (2-1 at Green Gully) and Carlton (3-1 at Kingston Heath), and drawn against Melbourne Knights (1-1 at Knights Stadium)


  1. lol, certificate of appreciation. Its like being back in primary school with Little Athletics, everyone would get a certificate just for participating ffs

    1. That's why they're so great! No one gets left out!


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