Wednesday, 8 April 2015

I'm seeing double artefact Wednesday - 1966 championship pennants

1966 state league championship pennant, from a later tradition.. Photo: Paul Mavroudis.
Now, if someone can fill me in on how such a situation would come up, I'd love to hear an explanation. For some reason, we have two different pennants for our 1966 state league title, our fourth state title.and the final part of the 1964-65-66 hat-trick. The pennant on the right - which due to shoddy camerawork and the awful lighting in the old social club has taken on a raucously jaundiced hue - seems to be a part of the same tradition or set as most of the other state league title pennants from the Victorian Soccer Federation series that were on display. And yet, amid that series of pennants, I found another 1966 championship pennant, one that clearly belongs to an older tradition. If nothing else, the different designs of the balls on the two VSF logos is a dead giveaway. This leads me to ask a number of questions.

Alternate 1966 state league championship pennant, from what appears to be an earlier
tradition or series. Photo: Paul Mavroudis.
What ever happened to the rest of the pennants from that earlier set? How did the original(?) 1966 pennant survive when the others didn't? In addition to that, the next thing to figure out is whether there were any actual trophies awarded for the state league titles back then. If there were, then as best as I can remember we're missing every single one of them from the pre-NSL era, which is a damn shame considering how many relatively ephemeral trophies we had on display and which are currently packed away in storage awaiting the reconstruction of the social club, Finally, in terms of which design I prefer, it's the older version. Ignoring the superior colour quality of the alternate pennant's photo, the design just has a lot more 'oomph' and presence, which I know won't satisfy the graphic design heads who read this blog, but maybe they can come in and talk about the differences between the two pennants using proper graphic design jargon - come on, you know you want to.


  1. One says Premiers whilst the other says Champions. Is one for finishing top of the league and the other for winning finals ?

    1. There was no finals series in 1966


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