Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Stupid in-joke artefact Wednesday - South Melbourne guestbook photos

Admittedly, in a week where I could have pulled out several thematically appropriate artefacts for the purposes of reminiscence, I've decided to go in the completely opposite direction. This entry, dear readers, is pure farce.

The following images all predate the destruction of the social club and office spaces. Back in the old days, aka or sometime around the year 2009, the old South office at Lakeside had a guestbook, as is the norm for any organisation that... I'd finish this sentence, but with my entire employment history consisting of having worked at a) my folks' business b) four days as a temp for a school supply business c) two days delivering beer d) various stints as a university tutor/lecturer/research assistant, I don't know what kind of businesses use these things, nor for what purpose.

Obviously, the standards of this type of bookkeeping weren't too high at South Melbourne, and I certainly wouldn't try and pull the same stunt with the FFV office guestbook, but if it was only me writing nonsense in this thing, it probably wouldn't be worth uploading.

And it's barely worth uploading as it is, with in-jokes that only a select few people who both frequented a certain forum at the time, and also happened to hang around the South office during that same period, will be probably get. For those that fit into those categories, feel free to click on the photos and enjoy this trip down memory lane.

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