Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Hubris artefact Wednesday - The Score Fanzine

This is truly one of the more bizarre Australian soccer publications I've ever seen. The short version is that it's a fanzine created specifically for the occasion of the second leg of the 1998 World Cup qualifying tie between Australia and Iran. However, the content makes this a bit more complicated than that.

The person who lent this to me claims, to the best of his recollection, that he bought this on the night of the match. Now this is an important detail, because this fanzine is so full of hubris that one can only hope it was made before the game and not afterwards as some sort of elaborate attempt at trolling. It includes everything from claiming the game as won, Pauline Hanson parodies, to advice about how to go about booking your tickets for France '98 (including entering as many competitions as possible).

While there is an email address in the fanzine, my attempt to contact the writers behind this effort was not successful, with the email address now either inactive or deleted. This was part of a collection lent to me - mostly of newspaper articles circa the end of Middle Park and the beginning of Lakeside - by the supporter known as the Agitator. Hopefully I'll be able to upload a few more things from this collection to upload soon.

Click the following link to download the entirety of this fanzine.

Update - 14/2/2016
As it turns out, there was a follow up edition - which you can download from here. Both extant editions of the fanzine have also had text recognition applied to them.

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  1. It may have derived from a Sydney booklet called Know The Score. I have the second issue of that, dated August 27, 1995. It was sold in selected newsagents on a Sunday featuring brief match reports and all the details of the previous night's English and Scottish League action.

    John Filan in goal for Coventry, Bozza at Villa. First half is reports. back half is scores, scorers, line-up attendances then some midweek reports and next week's fixtures.


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