Monday, 25 February 2013

2013 memberships released

Here's the advertisement. Looks very slick and professional. Sneaky addition of a 'Hellas' banner in there. Nioe emphasis on the blue and white colours, (in Colin Mochrie voice) if you know what I mean.

Of course the very interesting thing for me is the change in who gets voting rights and access. Previously, it was only social club members - aka South Gold and above -that got access to the South Melbourne Hellas (owner/controlling body of everything) AGM.

And when the FFV brought in their mandatory changes to club constitutions, allowing parents and participants more access and rights at their clubs - I suppose as part of the Crawford reforms - we were told that it would not have much of an effect on us.

But that appears not be the case. Not that I have an issue with it, but certainly others more paranoid than me certainly do, and it wsill be interesting to see how this plays out. After all, this is an election year!

Anyway, the other thing to consider then is, if a regular season pass holder now gets access to both AGMs, why should anyone bother putting in an extra 60 or whatever it is dollars to go for the social club membership?

It's something I thought about for all of about five minutes. I decided to go 'Gold' again for the extra merchandise, the $25 voucher (which is there to encourage me to buy more stuff!) and 10% off social club food and drink, but will completely understand if people start dropping out of that membership category.

Let's not forget though, that the main benefit of taking up any of the membership options is that all the money goes back into the club, and not to anyone else.


  1. I'm switching to the season pass this year.

    Have been South Gold for some time, but have been struggling to justify it in recent times. The lack of rival tickets has made "voting rights" redundant. Hopefully the more members, the more options, the more accountability.

  2. Good points Anonymous - really, the only major vote we've had in recent times has been on whether to sign the Lakeside MOU. That was a fun day though.


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