Friday, 14 September 2012


Once again, no Kiss of Death this week. Something to do with wrinkly fuel hoses or something.

Unlike other weeks where I piss fart around and at least attempt to consider the merits of the other games this round, I can't be bothered this week.

Except for their order, the finals teams are settled, as are the relegation teams.

There has been but one outright positive to come out of this season, and that has been the relegation of Heidelberg.

The fact that some people are too jaded to celebrate even this occurrence says more about them than anything else. That's Generation X for ya though, if you believe in that stuff.

Still, I'd rather win the match, and not just win, but destroy them.

Just an aside, last night I trundled down to the Central Zone forum for the National Competitions Review. Very interesting.

Let's just say for now, that the club has a ways to go before I am convinced of the correctness of the path they are seeking to choose.


  1. Will you post a review/recap of the NCR forum up here?

    Doubt I'll see anything on "the only source" SMFC.COM.AU.

  2. So you have sided with me in the anti-NCR movement ?

  3. Anon - Yes, some time next week, after our season wraps up, and when Gains gets his notes in order.

    KOD - Not as simple as that. But the club has a lot of explaining, and convincing, to do.

  4. Has anyone checked the make up of the U16s Joeys..... One Victorian in a 23 man squad..... Obviously Vic football is still the most under performing state comp.... Yes let's leave things as they are!!!!

    We need solutions... So put your thInking caps on boys & design something better than NCR, we need to improve player development in this state.

  5. Socceroos still depending on the last remnance of the NSL / perhaps FFA is the problem regarding player developement???

  6. Solutions, solutions plssss.
    Anyone can be a critic or expert commentator !


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