Friday, 17 December 2010

Pre-season match against Dandenong Thunder on Sunday

Finally time to dust off the spectator cobwebs with a probably very, very casual hitout against Dandenong Thunder. The game will be held on Sunday at 4pm at  Larissa Reserve, St Albans, the home of the North Sunshine Eagles. If you're a real masochist, there's also a game between North Sunshine and the Thunder preceding our match. Apparently food and drink will be available.


And now to discuss a completely unrelated matter.

Someone from our club seemingly attempted to start a rumour that this pre-season friendly was going to be behind closed doors.

How they could have achieved the non-attendance of the few South people who would have attended anyway, I don't know.

There is another game prior to ours on at the same venue. Would they have kicked everyone out?

It is being advertised on soccer-forum by Dandenong Thunder people and by North Sunshine on their own website as an obviously open to all event. Are we just not supposed to believe them?

It's on a public park, which is open to the community 365 days a year - you're even allowed to drink alcohol there - except of course for the soccer field when it's in use by people who have booked the field. Was this person intending to kick kids off the adjoining playground, lest they see Eddie's super awesome tactics and spread the word?

Who the person responsible was, I don't know - and I wouldn't want to name them in the event that I knew anyway, because if they did indeed start this rumour with the intent of keeping South people away for reasons I can only speculate on, then they obviously think we're all morons, and they'd probably feel pretty lousy at having made such a woeful effort at getting their point across.

Of course, it could have all been an honest mistake.

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