Thursday, 9 December 2010

2011 Fixture released

The things to note
  • All our home games to be at Northcote this coming season. I endorse this - Kingston Heath, where we played two of our relocated home games in 2010, is a nightmare to get to with public transport.
  • 5pm starts early in the season for home games before moving to 3pm. 
  • Finally seem to have got rid of the situation where we'd go without a home game for a month or so in the middle of the season.
  • Following on to that, no more than two consecutive games played at home or away.  
  • A new Friday night away fixture, at Springvale White Eagles - should be fun getting to the ground with public transport.
  • The ANZAC Day game against Hume seems to have been moved back a week earlier, probably because the Easter holiday also falls on ANZAC Day. I wonder if we'll still play off for the trophy?
  • Orthodix Easter seems to have fallen once more on the same date as the Catholic/Protestant Easter. Convenient.
  • There's a Queen's Birthday week off, and a break between rounds 20 and 21, but no obvious free weekends created for the reinstatement of the Dockerty Cup. If the FFV still intend to bring it back, it looks like it's going to be midweek.
  • There are NTC matches again this year, which I've not included in my fixture list, because even though they are allegedly for points this time, if they finish in a finals or relegation spot they supposedly won't get counted in either. Which makes one ponder what the point of it is.
  • Finish up at 'home' to Northcote - could result in some hilarity if results need to fall certain ways, especially if one of the teams doesn't want to play along to 'expectations', ala Melbourne Knights vs St Albans in the final round of 2005.

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