Thursday, 11 November 2010

South Melbourne heading to South Hobart 2011

How about that? As reported (twice) all the way back in January of this year South Melbourne will this time head down to Tasmania as hosts of South Hobart, whom we've hosted in three matches over the past few years. The following from Walter Pless' blog, but we first notified to its existence by our old buddy 11.Boo. Cheers for that!

South Hobart have confirmed they will host South Melbourne in a tournament in Hobart in mid-January next year.

South Hobart travelled to Melbourne before last season and played South Melbourne there, so the Victorians will come here prior to the 2011 season.

They will arrive in Hobart on Thursday 13 January and games have been scheduled for Saturday 15 January and Sunday 16 January.

South Melbourne’s coach is the former Socceroo, Eddie Krncevic.

South Hobart have a new German fitness coach, so the squad should be fitter than ever.

Marcus Parschau is a sports science educator and will employ the latest techniques in fitness coaching.

South Hobart commence their pre-season training at Cornelian Bay on Thursday, 25 November, at 6.15pm.

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  1. It would be a good trip to go on. Two games in two days is a stern test, especially against a team that has a new German fitness coach.


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