Sunday, 21 November 2010

So damn easy to cave in, man kills everything

Some things we/I learned/had reiterated last night at the Manics' gig at the Forum. You can guess/decide for yourself which of these falls into what category.

  • There are actually a lot of guitar solos in the Manics' repertoire.
  • The fact that Sean Moore couldn't play his trumpet solo during Ocean Spray(apparently due to a coldsore) did not take away from James Dean Bradfield's substituted guitar solo.
  • Manics fans have been waiting a long, long time, and it showed. In a good way though.
  • If you're a Manics fan who doesn't know every single lyric, you're probably in the minority (like me), but it doesn't matter one bit. Just shout out during the choruses.
  • Nicky Wire's lyrics have become ever more ludicrous, but within a certain context, it does not matter.
  • Being a pasty Welshman who wears a leopard print skirt, eyeliner, captain's hat straight of the Love Boat and has feather boas wrapped around your mike stand probably gives you more right than anyone to have a go at the dress sense of a Sydney audience.
  • The way the floor at the Forum shifts and shudders when a band and an audience are jumping around in unison is a great feeling.
  • That was one of the best, most friendliest but engaged and active vibes I've experienced at a gig. Why can't they all be so dickhead free?

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