Sunday, 26 April 2009

About as much fun as you could expect to have in Westmeadows - Hume City 1 South Melbourne 2


three civilian cars, one company vehicle, two working trains, one train that blew up, several buses that didn't come and one that did


why I do put myself through this nonsense week after week

On the way home yesterday, my train either snapped some sort of cable or became detached some other way, and we stopped at South Kensington station for a fair bit. The huge spark of electricity was pretty cool, the waiting for a couple of hours to get home wasn't. Thanks to the Connex dudes though who drove us to Footscray in the company cars when the buses couldn't make it through the streets or something.

As for the game, this whole experience gets stupider by the week. I'm this (use your imagination) close to just taking up a spot in whatever club we're at's press facilities and letting everyone else sort it out for themselves. SMFCTV already up with the highlights, which shows South dominating a pretty average in horrible conditions. Enjoy.

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