Saturday, 31 January 2009

South Melbourne 7 South Hobart 0

Pretty average performance overall. South Hobart strated off ok, fighting well, but fell away more and more as the game went on. Kati wildscenes at the scoreboard end, plenty of chants and stupidity. We're going to miss you Southpole you kreas!


  1. wondering who scored the goals,
    and what the score finished between south melbourne and Northcote city

  2. Zoric 3
    Youseff 2
    Stella 1
    Fernando 1

    South vs Northcote was 1-1

  3. one question is south playing better then other years, do you think we have a chance this year.

  4. That's hard to say for a few reasons. The VPL has quite a fee teams who are competitive at any one time... not that the league is down to 12 teams it should be even tighter this year.

    Personally I thought that despite not making the finals last year, we were one of the better teams in the competition... certainly from Michael M taking over.... it was mostly our finishing that let us down bigtime.

    It's hard to say how the team is looking so far this year, considering we've mostly played lower league teams... but I think we'll have a pretty decent team out there this year, who should realistically be aiming for the title. We've made some nice additions to the squad, and I think Stiven Mrkela especially will make a big difference.


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