Monday, 21 January 2008

Reardo Luka on his to way a full recovery

Found another South related blog, seems to have been started recently, and is still alive. The most interesting news is that Reardo Luka's recovery from a horrible injury last season is nearing completion. Luka broke his leg in last year's Hellenic Cup in a collision with the opposition keeper. The following borrowed from the above site, contains the low down on his current state.

After a long period of time out of the game, due to breaking his leg while playing soccer, Reardo LUKA is back to training with South Melbourne FC.

Facing many difficulties to recover, which were directly related to the bad job that was on his leg done by one of Melbourne’s hospitals, Reardo is very happy to return to his beloved game.

Starting light sessions yesterday January 8, he aims to be back on the field by the end of March 2008 and give his best to regain the top goal scorer position, which he lead for 2 years in a row with SMFC Youth Team.

Sincerely, Reardo thanks all supporters who helped him pass this hard time and at the same time is determined to reach his ‘shattered dream.’

South of the Border wishes Reardo all the best with his recovery and with the hope that he gets back on the field and regains his scoring touch.

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