South Melbourne Hellas match programs

This project is one that I'd wanted to start for awhile, but it was only when Roy Hay gave me a stack of 30 odd match programs that he had salvaged from FFV's archives that I finally found a reason to do it. Thanks to everyone who has made these available, either on their own websites or by allowing me to scan them - including the aforementioned Roy Hay, Damian Smith, Chris Egan, The Agitator and The Man In The Stands, Ian Syson, and Todd Giles (Newcastle programs). Huge thanks in particular to The Agitator, the source of most of these match programs, who also scanned and collated many of them, so most of what I had to do was just upload them.

Anyone who wants to help add to the collection, please get in contact with me. If you are looking to send me match programs already in a pdf format, I would prefer you to send files where the images are the right way up (ie, not needing to be rotated). I am also happy to accept scanned images of match programs which have not been collated, as I am easily able to collate them into a pdf on my own computer.

Feel free to download and share these as widely as possible, as it's one of the main reasons I have uploaded them - to preserve and spread a part of our history.

Any document you download from this blog that has '(OCR)' at the end of its file name should work (to varying degrees) should you wish to search for keywords within the text. The technology isn't perfect however, and on some documents some words or parts of words may not come up in a document search - therefore you may need to be a little creative. Hopefully converting these files to an OCR format means that they will also be indexed by search engines.

Round 19, Ringwood City Wilhelmina (away)

Round 5, Fitzroy United Alexander (home)
Round 16, Newcastle KB United (away)

Round 1, Newcastle KB United (away)
Round 6, Footscray JUST (away)
Round 15, Newcastle KB United (home)
Round 20, Marconi (home)
Round 21, St George (away)

Round 7, Brisbane City (away)
Round 13, Newcastle KB United (away)

Victorian Women's Cup final - Greensborough vs South Melbourne Hellas - includes Black Douglas Cup Men's Amateur League final

Round 5, Brisbane Lions (home)
Round 6, Blacktown City (away)
Round 7, Newcastle KB United (home)
Round 21, Newcastle KB United (away)

Round 9, Newcastle KB United (away)

Round 12, Sydney City (away) - while not part of a double header, this program also doubles as a program for Marconi vs APIA.
Round 21, Newcastle KB United (away)

Round 12, Brisbane City (away) - single sheet which may or may not have doubled up as the match program
Round 19, West Adelaide (away)
Grand Final, Sydney Olympic (home and away)

Round 10, Brisbane City (away) - single sheet which may or may not have doubled up as the match program
Round 16, Brisbane Lions (away)

Round 10, West Adelaide (away)
Round 14, Brisbane Lions (away)

Round 4 - BYE
Round 17 - BYE

Round 2, Melbourne Croatia (home)
Round 14, Adelaide City (home)
Round 16, Footscray JUST (home)
Round 18, Sydney Olympic (home)
Round 21, Brisbane Lions (away)
Round 22, Brunswick Juventus (home)
Round 25, Wollongong City (home)
NSL Cup semi-final, Brunswick Juventus - also includes the other semi-final between Sydney Croatia and APIA Leichhardt
1988 Finals Series programme

Round 15, Marconi (away) - (originally scheduled as a round 16 game, Andrew Howe provides this note: Round 14 in the initial season fixture was to be played 15-16 April but the entire Round was later transferred to the end of the season with the hype around the Israel WC qualifier 16 April, so effectively the round numbers for all Rounds 15 onward were changed by -1)

Round 2, Newcastle Breakers (away)
Round 15, Newcastle Breakers (home)
Round 19, Marconi (home)
Round 20, Heidelberg United (away)
Round 21, Melbourne Croatia (home)
Round 24, Wollongong City (away)
Round 25, Adelaide City (home)
1991-1992 Finals series programme

Round 1, Sydney CSC (home)
Round 2, West Adelaide (away)
Round 3, Marconi-Fairfield (away)
Round 4, Preston (home)
Round 5, Newcastle Breakers (away)
Round 6, Morwell Falcons (home)
Round 7, Parramatta Eagles (away) - my source for the 1992/93 match programs does not have this one. Anyone who can help fill in this gap, please email me.
Round 8, Adelaide City (home)
Round 9, Heidelberg United (away)
Round 10, Melbourne CSC (home)
Round 11, Brisbane United (away)
Round 12, Sydney Olympic (home)
Round 13, Wollongong Wolves (away)
Round 14, West Adelaide (home)
Round 15, Sydney CSC (away)
Round 16, Marconi-Fairfield (home) - 'Clash of the Titans' match
Round 17, Preston (away) - there may not have been a match program for this fixture. If you do have a copy, please get in contact with us.
Round 18, Newcastle Breakers (home)
Round 19, Morwell Falcons (away)
Round 20, Parramatta Eagles (home)
Round 21, Adelaide City (away) 
Round 22, Heidelberg United (home)
Round 23, Melbourne CSC (away)
Round 24, Brisbane United (home)
Round 25, Sydney Olympic (away)
Round 26, Wollongong Wolves (home)

Round 4, Newcastle Breakers (away) - game until December
Round 5, Morwell Falcons (home) - deferred game, includes round 13 Wollongong fixture
Round 7, Adelaide City (home) - first edition with the name Inside Soccer
Round 8, Marconi-Fairfield (away)
Round 9, Heidelberg United (home)
Round 10, Melbourne Knights (away)
Round 11, Brisbane Strikers (home)
Round 12, Sydney Olympic (away)
Round 13, Wollongong City (home) - includes deferred round 5 game against Morwell Falcons
Round 14, West Adelaide (away)
Round 15, Sydney United (home)
Round 17, Newcastle Breakers (home)
Round 18, Morwell Falcons (away)
Round 19, Parramatta Eagles (home)
Round 20, Adelaide City (away)
Round 21, Marconi-Fairfield (home)
Round 22, Heidelberg United (away)
Round 23, Melbourne Knights (home) - includes round 25 game against Sydney Olympic
Round 24, Brisbane Strikers (away)
Round 25, Sydney Olympic (home) - includes round 23 game against Melbourne Knights
Round 26, Wollongong City (home)
1993-1994 NSL Finals Series programme

Round 1, Heidelberg United (home) - final game at Middle Park
Round 2, Brisbane Strikers (away)
Round 3, Morwell Falcons (home) - magazine re-named In Blue and White
Round 4, Wollongong City (away)
Round 5 - BYE
Round 6, West Adelaide (away)
Round 7, Adelaide City (home)
Round 8, Parramatta Melita (away) - my source for the 1994/95 match programs does not have this one. Anyone who can help fill in this gap, please email me.
Round 9, Sydney Olympic (home)
Round 10, Sydney United (away)
Round 11, Marconi (home)
Round 12, Melbourne Zebras
Round 13, Melbourne Knights (away) - played a month earlier due to national team commitments.
Round 14, Brisbane Strikers (home)
Round 15, Heidelberg United (away)
Round 16, Morwell Falcons (away)
Round 17, Wollongong City (home)
Round 18 - BYE
Round 19, Sydney United (home) - includes round 23 at home vs West Adelaide
Round 20, Adelaide City (away)
Round 21, Parramatta Eagles (home)
Round 22, Sydney Olympic (away)
Round 23, West Adelaide (home) - includes round 19 at home vs Sydney United
Round 24, Marconi (away)
Round 25, Melbourne SC (home)
Round 26, Melbourne Knights (home)
1994-1995 NSL Finals Series programme - this one is from week one of the finals, with South playing Morwell Falcons away

Round 1, Melbourne Knights (away)
Round 2, Morwell Falcons (away)
Round 3, Adelaide City (away)
Round 4, Canberra Cosmos (home)
Round 5, Wollongong Wolves (away)
Round 6, Sydney United (home)
Round 7, UTS Olympic (away)
Round 8, Marconi-Fairfield (away)
Round 9 vs West Adelaide (home) - opening of Bob Jane Stadium
Round 10, Brisbane Strikers (away)
Rounds 11, Newcastle Breakers (home) - includes round 12 game against Melbourne Knights
Round 12, Melbourne Knights (home) - includes round 11 game against Newcastle Breakers
Round 13, Morwell Falcons (home)
Round 14, Adelaide City - includes round 16 at home vs Wollongong
Round 15, Canberra Cosmos (away)
Round 16, Wollongong Wolves (home) - includes round 14 at home vs Adelaide City
Round 17, Sydney United (away)
Round 18, UTS Olympic (home)
Round 19, Marconi-Fairfield (home)
Round 20, West Adelaide (away)
Round 21, Brisbane Strikers (home)
Round 22, Newcastle Breakers (away)
Round 23, Melbourne Knights (away)
Round 24, Morwell Falcons (home) - includes round 26 at home vs Canberra Cosmos
Round 25, Adelaide City (away) - includes editorial markings for next home match program.
Round 26, Canberra Cosmos (home) - includes round 24 at home vs Morwell Falcons
Round 27, Wollongong Wolves (away)
Round 28, Sydney United (home)
Round 29, UTS Olympic (home)
Round 30, Marconi Fairfield (away) - incorrect round and date printed on the cover.
Round 31, West Adelaide (home)
Round 32, Brisbane Strikers (away) - my source for the 1995/96 match programs does not have this one. Anyone who can help fill in this gap, please email me.
Round 33, Newcastle Breakers (home)

Round 1, Gippsland Falcons (away)
Round 2, Sydney United (home)
Round 3, Adelaide City (away)
Round 4, Brisbane Strikers (home)
Round 5, Wollongong Wolves (away)
Round 6, Newcastle Breakers (home)
Round 7, Melbourne Knights (home)
Round 8, Marconi-Fairfield (away)
Round 9, Sydney Olympic (home)
Round 10, West Adelaide (away)
Round 11, Perth Glory (home)
Round 12, Canberra Cosmos (away)
Round 13, Collingwood Warriors (home) - this programme's cover incorrectly has 'round 11' instead of 'round 13'.
Round 14, Collingwood Warriors (away)
Round 15, Gippsland Falcons (home)
Round 16, Sydney United (away)
Round 17, Adelaide City (home)
Round 18, Brisbane Strikers (away)
Round 19, Wollongong Wolves (home)
Round 20, Newcastle Breakers (away)
Round 21, Melbourne Knights (away)
Round 22, Marconi Fairfield (home) - includes rounds 24 and 26 vs West Adelaide and Canberra Cosmos.
Round 24, West Adelaide (home) - includes rounds 22 and 26 vs Marconi Fairfield and Canberra Cosmos.
Round 25, Perth Glory (away)
Round 26, Canberra Cosmos - includes rounds 22 and 24 vs Marconi Fairfield and West Adelaide.
1996-1997 NSL Finals Series programme

Laurie Schwab Memorial Match, Melbourne Knights (away)
Round 1, Brisbane Strikers, (away)
Round 2, Melbourne Knights (home) - magazine renamed to Inside Lakeside
Round 3, Newcastle Breakers (away)
Round 4, UTS Olympic (home)
Round 5, Marconi Stallions (away)
Round 6, Adelaide Sharks (home)
Round 7, Gippsland Falcons (away)
Round 8, Canberra Cosmos (home)
Round 9, Wollongong Wolves (home)
Round 10, Perth Glory (away)
Round 11, Sydney United (home)
Round 12, Carlton (away)
Round 13, Adelaide City (home)
Round 14, Adelaide City (away)
Round 15, Brisbane Strikers (home)
Round 16, Melbourne Knights (away)
Round 17, Newcastle Breakers (home)
Round 18, UTS Olympic (away)
Round 19, Marconi Fairfield (home) - includes rounds 23, 24, and 26 vs Gippsland Falcons, Perth Glory, and Carlton.
Round 20, Adelaide Sharks (away)
Round 21, Wollongong Wolves (away)
Round 22, Canberra Cosmos (away) 
Round 23, Gippsland Falcons (home) - includes rounds 18, 24, and 26 vs Marconi Fairfield, Perth Glory, and Carlton.
Round 24, Perth Glory (home) - includes rounds 19, 23, and 26 vs Marconi Fairfield, Gippsland Falcons, and Carlton.
Round 25, Sydney United (away) - my source for the 1997/98 match programmes does not have this one. Anyone who can help fill in this gap, please email me.
Round 26, Carlton (home) - includes rounds 19, 23, and 24 vs Marconi Fairfield, Gippsland Falcons, and Perth Glory
1997-1998 NSL Finals Series programme
Grand final, Carlton

Round 1, Gippsland Falcons (home)
Round 2, Adelaide Sharks (away)
Round 3, Newcastle Breakers (home)
Round 4, Marconi Fairfield (away)
Round 5, UTS Sydney Olympic (home)
Round 6, Perth Glory (away)
Round 7, Carlton (home) - Paul Trimboli's 300th league game for South.
Round 8, Melbourne Knights (away)
Round 9, Wollongong Wolves (home) - includes round 11 vs Northern Spirit
Round 10, Adelaide City (away)
Round 11, Northern Spirit (home) - includes round 9 at home vs Wollongong Wolves
Round 12, Brisbane Strikers (away)
Round 13, Sydney United (home) - includes round 17 at home vs Adelaide Sharks
Round 14, Canberra Cosmos (away)
Round 15 - BYE
Round 16, Gippsland Falcons (away)
Round 17, Adelaide Sharks (home) - includes round 13 at home vs Sydney United
Round 18, Wollongong Wolves (away)
Round 19, Melbourne Knights (home) - includes round 21 at home vs Marconi
Round 20, Newcastle Breakers (away)
Round 21, Marconi Fairfield (home) - includes round 19 at home vs Melbourne Knights
Round 22, UTS Sydney Olympic (away)
Round 23. Perth Glory (home) - includes rounds 25 and 27 vs Adelaide City and Brisbane Strikers
Round 24, Carlton (away)
Round 25, Adelaide City (home) - includes rounds 23 and 27 vs Perth Glory and Brisbane Strikers
Round 26, Northern Spirit (away)
Round 27, Brisbane Strikers (home) - includes rounds 23 and 25, vs Perth Glory and Adelaide City
Round 28, Sydney United (away) 
Round 29, Canberra Cosmos (home) - cover says 40th anniversary match
Round 30 - BYE
Major semi-final 1st leg (home), Sydney United
Major semi-final 2nd leg (away), Sydney United
Grand final, Sydney United

During this season and the following one, South Melbourne's match program was released on a monthly basis, hence the reason for so many games being bundled up together. In addition, due to South's participation in the World Club Championships in 2000, several home matches during this season were deferred.
Round 1, Wollongong Wolves (away)
Round 2, Northern Spirit (home) - includes round 4 at home vs Gippsland Falcons
Round 4, Gippsland Falcons (home) - includes round 2 at home vs Northern Spirit
Round 6, Melbourne Knights (home) - includes round 8 at home vs Canberra Cosmos
Round 8, Canberra Cosmos (home) - includes round 6 at home vs Melbourne Knights
Round 10, Parramatta Power (home) - includes rounds 12 and 15, vs Carlton and Wollongong Wolves
Round 11. Perth Glory (away)
Round 12, Carlton (home) - includes rounds 10 and 15, vs Parramatta Power and Wollongong Wolves
Round 13, Sydney United (away)
Round 14, Carlton (home) - includes round 27 vs Brisbane Strikers
Round 15, Wollongong Wolves - includes rounds 10 and 12, vs Parramatta Power and Carlton
World Club Championships 2000 - Official Program - mostly in Portuguese
Round 17, Sydney Olympic (away)
Round 18, Sydney Olympic (home)
Round 19, Newcastle Breakers (home)
Round 20, Northern Spirit (away)
Round 21, Auckland Kingz (home) - includes round 23 vs Marconi Stallions
Round 22, Gippsland Falcons (away)
Round 23, Marconi Stallions (home) - includes round 21 vs Auckland Kingz
Round 24, Melbourne Knights (away) - Peter Beardsley game
Round 25, Adelaide City (home) - includes rounds 29, 31 and 34, vs Perth Glory, Sydney United and Newcastle Breakers
Round 27, Brisbane Strikers (home) - includes round 14 vs Carlton
Round 29, Perth Glory (home) - includes rounds 25, 31 and 34, vs Adelaide City, Sydney United and Newcastle Breakers
Round 31, Sydney United (home) - includes rounds 25, 29 and 34, vs Adelaide City, Perth Glory and Newcastle Breakers
Round 34, Newcastle Breakers (home) - includes rounds 25, 29 and 31, vs Adelaide City, Perth Glory and Sydney United

Round 2, Perth Glory (away)
Round 3, Carlton (home) - includes round 5 vs Melbourne Knights
Round 4, Marconi Stallions (away)
Round 5, Melbourne Knights (home) - includes round 3 vs Carlton
Round 10, Newcastle United (away)
Round 13, Eastern Pride (away)
Round 14, Auckland Kingz (home) - includes round 16 vs Adelaide City
Round 15, Northern Spirit (away)
Round 16, Adelaide City (home) - includes round 14 vs Auckland Kingz
Round 17, Perth Glory (home) - includes round 19 vs Marconi
Round 18, Carlton (home) - as Carlton had become defunct in the early part of the season, I assume no match programme was prepared for this fixture.
Round 19, Marconi Stallions (home) - includes round 17 vs Perth Glory
Round 20, Melbourne Knights (away)
Round 23, Canberra Cosmos - includes round 25 vs Newcastle
Round 25, Newcastle United - includes round 23 vs Canberra Cosmos
Round 28, Eastern Pride (home) - as Pride had become defunct, I assume no match program was prepared for this fixture.
Major semi-final 1st leg (away), Wollongong Wolves
Grand final, Wollongong Wolves

Round 1, Perth Glory (home)
Round 2, Kingz FC (away)
Round 4 - BYE
Round 5, Melbourne Knights (home) - game played at Docklands (Colonial) Stadium
Round 6, Northern Spirit (away) -
Round 7, Parramatta Power (home) - includes rounds 8 and 9, vs Newcastle United and Adelaide City
Round 8, Newcastle United (home) - includes round 7 and 9, vs Parramatta Power and Adelaide City
Round 9, Adelaide City - includes rounds 7 and 8, vs Parramatta Power and Newcastle United
Round 14, Perth Glory (away)
Round 17 - BYE
Round 18, Melbourne Knights (away)
Round 19, Northern Spirit (home)
Round 25, Wollongong Wolves (away)
Round 26, Marconi Stallions (home)
Elimination final 1st leg, Brisbane Strikers (home)
Elimination final 2nd leg, Brisbane Strikers (away)
Minor semi-final, Sydney Olympic (away)

Tynan Eyre Cup, round 1, Fawkner - also includes Melbourne Knights vs Preston Lions
Round 1, Newcastle United (away)
Round 2 - BYE
Round 3, Sydney United (home)
Round 4, Northern Spirit (away)
Round 5, Perth Glory (home)
Round 6, Wollongong Wolves (away - in Orange)
Round 7, Sydney Olympic (home)
Round 8, Adelaide City (away)
Round 9, Melbourne Knights (home) - Vaughan Coveny's 200th match for South Melbourne
Round 10, Marconi Stallions (home)
Round 12, Brisbane Strikers (away)
Round 13, Football Kingz (home)
Round 14 - BYE
Round 18, Perth Glory (away)
Round 20, Sydney Olympic (away)
Round 22, Melbourne Knights (away)

Round 2 - BYE
Round 4, Brisbane Strikers (home)
Round 5, Newcastle United (home)
Round 6, Sydney United (away)
Round 7, Marconi Stallions (home)
Round 8, Perth Glory (away)
Round 9, Melbourne Knights (away)
Round 10, Adelaide United (home)
Round 15 - BYE
Round 21, Perth Glory (home) - includes round 22 against Melbourne Knights
Round 22, Melbourne Knights (home) - includes round 21 against Perth Glory
Round 23, Adelaide United (away)
Minor semi-final, Adelaide United (away) - South's final game in National Soccer League.

A note on the Victorian Premier League and National Premier Leagues era - few clubs, including South Melbourne, bothered to create match programs, hence the paucity of materials for the following section. In some years, South created generic/all purpose match programs which were meant to cover all home games, with no match specific efforts produced.

Round 1, Heidelberg United (home)
Round 4, Bulleen Zebras (away)
Round 6, Altona Magic (home)
Round 9, Green Gully (away)
Round 10, Preston Lions (home)

Round 7, Sunshine George Cross (away)
Round 14, Heidelberg United (home)
Round 19, Melbourne Knights (away)
Round 22, Richmond (away)
Round 26, Green Gully (away)
VPL grand final (South Melbourne vs Altona Magic) and WVPL grand final (Box Hill Inter vs Heidelberg United)

Round 1, Heidelberg United (home)
Round 2, Richmond (away)
Round 4, Green Gully (home)
Round 6, Melbourne Knights (home) - game never played, forfeit to Knights.
Round 8, Altona Magic (home)
Round 10, Springvale White Eagles (home) - never went to print
Mid-season friendly, Melbourne Victory (home)
Round 21, Melbourne Knights (away)

Rounds 1-13 (South Melbourne home games)
Rounds 14-26 (South Melbourne home games)
Round 22, Fawkner (away)

South Melbourne home match booklet - all games
Round 7, Green Gully (away)
Round 17, Richmond (away)

South Melbourne home match booklet - all games
Round 9, Richmond (away)

Hill Street Thrifty Cup (South Hobart away, pre-season)
Round 19, Richmond (away)
Semi-final, Oakleigh (away)

Grand final, Sandringham (also includes men's grand final Oakleigh vs Green Gully)

Round 4, Richmond (away)


Ballarat Red Devils (away) - opening of Ballarat's Morshead Park stadium
Round 6, Melbourne Knights (away)
Round 10, Werribee City (away)
NPL national elimination final, South Hobart (away)

State knockout cup final, Bulleen Lions - includes Dockerty Cup final, Melbourne Knights vs South Springvale
Grand Final, Heidelberg United - included mostly as a subset to the Melbourne Victory vs Adelaide United W-League match held as a curtain raiser.

Round 8, Melbourne Knights (home)
Round 12, Avondale (home)
Round 13, Northcote City (away)
FFA Cup Round of 32, Palm Beach Sharks (away)

Round 2, Northcote City (away)
Round 5, Richmond (away)
Round 11, Melbourne Knights (away)

Round 12, Bentleigh Greens (away)
Round 22, Melbourne Knights (away)

Round 6, Melbourne Knights (away)

Grand final, Bulleen Lions - includes men's grand final (Heidelberg United vs Avondale), and NPL promotion relegation playoff (Green Gully vs Moreland City)


  1. The only game I remember going to in the post 1976 era (my father was not interested, and my uncle would occasionally take me until he returned to Greece in 1976), pre 1983 era (I was old enough to travel on my own) was the 1979 game against 'Macaroni' with my friends father. We got hammered 4 Nil and Ollerton missed a penalty.

    1. Just to clarify my 'Macaroni' remark. It was what us young teens referred to Marconi (obviously). We didn't know what a 'Marconi' was, so we ridiculed it. Similar to what a 'New Dawner' would do now?

    2. Oh! So you found the Match Day Programme!

      A woman's team? Any Greek women?

    3. Three Athanasiadis sisters. One of them got in contact with the club last year (I think she maybe lives in the States these days), so hopefully she remembers to bring her collection of photos to the club when she's in Australia in February.

    4. 3 Greek sisters involved in a, then, uncustomary field.

      Reminds me of the Andrews Sisters.

    5. Check 1979 vs Marconi programme (page 8) for a short article on the South women's team.

  2. The 1997/1998 season was when I had my letter printed. It was also where Postecoglou wrote an article stating that the Ethnic Clubs will endure over the 'new fads'.

    So, hopefully you have them?

    1. Unfortunately the batch that I'm scanning and uploading at the moment does not include any material from the 1996/97 and 1997/98 seasons. Here's hoping one of our readers comes through with something, otherwise I may have to get access to the club's archives.

    2. I recommend you focus on the 1997/1998 era. We can 'out' Postecoglou, and to some extent, out me as a 'Reformed New Dawner'

  3. Thank you so much to The Agitator for sending through some stuff from his collection, with more yet to come.

    1. Phenomenal effort from The Agitator, every home and away programme from 1992/1993 bar Melita away and Preston away (the latter of which may not exist). Looking forward to more material, and glad to see others getting in contact with me about sharing match programmes and other historic Australian soccer materials.

    2. 1994/1995 home and away season complete barring Parramatta away.

  4. Added 1975 Ringwood City Wilhelmina away (league) and 1980 Victorian women's cup final (Greensborough vs South Melbourne). These had been made available as uncollated images by The Man In The Stands - I've collated them into pdfs for the purposes of this project.

  5. Unbelievable additions today thanks to The Agitator. Heaps of additions to the 1980s, some 1990s and 2000s, and smattering of VPL era stuff.

    1. I lost count of how many match programmes we uploaded yesterday.

  6. I note that Hellas was like Billy Mumfries in round 1 action against Preston FYROMonia (refer Round 2 programme)

  7. Re: my letter 1993/1994 round 25.

    Titans v Lakers v Blues? Are we the only club without an actual nickname? Or can other migrant based clubs also claim not to really have a nickname? Why have nicknames?

    1. Nicknames in this case are meant to disassociate the clubs from their ethnic identities. In soccer at least, the idea has usually seemed to me to let the nicknames derive organically, but in Australian sport more generally (and especially from the 1970s onward) there has been a tendency to try and come up with nicknames/gimmicks for marketing purposes.

      VFL and VFA clubs have a well documented history of deliberately changing their nicknames for all sorts of reasons - perception of effeminacy (fuschias, mayblooms), marketing (kangaroos, lions - see the latter's 1970s colour scheme change), or evn just to get onto the fad (Towners to Seagulls - n1930s; Brickfielders to Dragons)

      For South, Hellas of course is both official (historically, in its founding and as the current name of the controlling company), unofficial (in that the name is almost never used for football matters, but still used by both our fans and our opponents), but you also have 'blues' (generic, but never caught on as much as it perhaps could have), but also the shorthand of 'South' has always been an easy linguistic substitute - someone in Melbourne soccer circles mentions 'South', most people will know which team they're talking about.

      You may recall also that during the mid 1990s in Victoria, the Premier League clubs all adopted the same branding/logo style, adopting (usually) an animal nickname. Some of these were obvious (Preston, Bulleen) some less so. Port Melbourne still maintains both the logo and nickname, though most of the relevant clubs have moved on from either the logos, names or both.

      Having said all of that, even the 'Greek' nicknames applied to lower level state league clubs weren't always there from the beginning, and only applied later on. For example Altona East started off in green and gold, because they figured they were in Australia, they may as well adopt Aussie colours!

  8. Ange Postecoglou's letter about the Old and the New guard in Australian Soccer in 1998 has not been uploaded yet, but he appears to be 'worried' about the changing nature of the game, as he has another letter in the Home Match against Olympic about how old clubs are dying.

    I also note a comment by Papasavas son. ;)

  9. Added a whole stack of stuff from 1996/97 onwards, thanks again to The Agitator.

  10. That programme from '78 is fantastic.
    F.U. Alexander. Would love to see that as a banner.


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