Monday, 30 November 2020

News from northern climes for southern slackers

Every now and again one sees little items about some of our players currently occupied with soccer matters in Queensland: Pierce Clark made some saves; Daniel Clark scored a goal of some sort in a game that was maybe important; Harrison Sawyer scored a ton of goals against what looked like on video to be a very flatfooted defence, but turned out to belong to the team sitting second on the ladder at the time.

If I were being paid to keep track of this stuff I'd have put in more effort - not just in terms of taking an interest in the form and status of our players currently in northern climes - but also maybe trying to figure out how Queensland soccer actually works, and in which league which players of ours are playing in. It'd be so much easier if they were playing in Tasmania.

Anyway, I think the top flight Queensland (that is NPLQ and BPL - is there still a BPL?) season(s) are over, which means that soon enough our on loan personnel will be returned to us, so they can go jogging on the grassy bit in the middle of Lakeside Stadium, and running on the sand of South Melbourne beach.

But then again... one does these routine searches for news in one's half-arsed way, and see that Harrrison Sawyer was selected for a Brisbane Roar pre-season friendly. That Roar outfit beat their opponents (according to one source, some sort of youth team) 7-1, with Sawyer not getting any of those goals. Nor was there any indication of how much game time Sawyer got to see.

So, I guess he'll be back in Melbourne soon?


  1. Roar played Peninsula Power, who were the NPLQ Premiers this year. Sadly there was no line-up posted for Power, though their scorer was Hayden Mchenery, who had previously won the NPL GF with Western Pride, so they was at least one top player.

    The BPL is the top league of the Football Brisbane competitions, which is two, and soon to be 3 tiers below the NPL. There will be probably pro/rel to the BPL in 2022, but who knows. A new tier is being introduced, but the changes still see the division one below the NPL to continue to have 11 teams.

    1. Cheers mate. So I assume this fixture is an annual event between Roar and the NPLQ champion/premier/whatever?


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