Wednesday, 13 March 2019

FFA Cup draw and impromptu friendly news

FFA Cup draw news
For those that missed the round four draw earlier today, we were drawn at home against Essendon Royals. The Royals are currently in State League 1 North-West. From what I can gather, they are not considered among the front-runners for that competition, which is predicted by armchair pundits as being a two-horse race between Preston and North Sunshine.

Nevertheless, you wouldn't want to take any opponent lightly, would you? No idea on venue and date yet, but I assume from looking at Football Victoria's calendar that it'll be a mid-April game at Lakeside.

Friendly tonight
We're apparently playing a friendly tonight against Malvern City at Warner Reserve in Springvale. Kickoff 7pm.

I guess Tanga wants to get some more run in the legs for some players?

Outside of A-League teams playing pre-season matches against NPL teams, in-season friendlies for NPL sides is an unusual thing, but not unheard of - though the last time I can recall us playing in one was all the way back in 2008 when we played such a game against Northcote.

There might have been another one against Altona Magic one year as well, but who can remember all the details?


  1. Finished 1-1, Mesourouni our scorer. I have no other details on lineups and such.

    1. As per SMFCSupporters tweet:

      "We drew 1-1. Mesourani scored late. Line up was: Jashari, Gerondaras, KK, Adams, Djiba, Stratomitros, Bates, Schroen, Sylaidos, Minopoulos, Billy K"


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