Sunday, 12 November 2017

Help us make a Ferenc Puskas documentary

Here's something to get excited about.

Filmmakers Tony Wilson, Rob Heath and Cam Fink are in the early stages of making a film about Ferenc Puskas' time in Australia. Naturally this will mostly be focused on his relationship and proximity to our very own South Melbourne Hellas.

One of the things the filmmakers want to get across is the bizarre fact of this absolute great of world sport living almost anonymously in a supposedly mad sporting city, so part of this film will be about the parallel world of Australian soccer.

Now here's where you can come in. This is a call for items such as footage, photos etc. To that end the kinds of things the filmmakers are looking for include:
  • Any home or personal video footage from that era that people may have. They're not looking for official footage taped from televised match broadcasts - though if you can point the documentary team toward interesting moments contained within such footage, that would be good. Apart from the copyright issues associated with using broadcast materials, the filmmakers are looking for homemade footage because it will assist in telling the story they want to tell - that of a period of time that was as much about the fans who experienced Puskas and his time in Australia from their own point of view.
  • Ditto for photographs.
  • Ditto for artefacts, match programmes, etc
  • Anyone who has a good personal story to tell about their experience of Puskas' time in Melbourne, or who knows someone who does, and who would be willing to be interviewed for this project.
  • Anyone who may have been connected to Parkmore Soccer Club at the time Puskas was supposed to have been there.
Of course the filmmakers are rounding up the players and so forth that played under Puskas, and they'll be chasing up as many officials and such as possible, but it's also true that many of those people have drifted away from the club in recent years. But you, the South Melbourne Hellas community, certainly do have those networks, so please discuss this project with people you think may be interested.

So if you can help in any way, shoot me an email me at, or contact Tony Wilson at or call him on 0416 100 645

The link below is for the film's Documentary Australia page ... melbourne/

And here's an article by Con Stamacostas of Neos Kosmosás-came-to-South-Melbourne

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