Monday, 7 August 2017

SM Crisis 2017 - With apologies to Michael Dransfield

i was flying over lakeside
in a giant dog 
things looked bad

(original poem here)


  1. You'd be hoping these stories, fact or fiction, would be addressed in a hurry by the club.
    Either to dismiss false claims, or to provide some clarity and context to the information getting out.

    1. what are the stories?

    2. I won't go into all the rumours - and I won't publish people wishing to make specific allegations here (sorry, but I've got to protect myself) - but there are stories going around relating to budget problems as well as current players being poached.

      In the realm of actual, verifiable facts, George Kouroumalis (Operations, Media and Marketing Manager) and Despina Bastas (Corporate Events Manager) have had their contracts with the club terminated. I don't know the full story of the how and the why though.

      People will soon notice, if they haven't already, that the club's social media presence has completely stalled. The club is due to host a trivia night in a few weeks time, but has only posted an Instagram post for it.

      The webpage for the event exists, but has not been added to the front page of the official site, nor has it been promoted on the club's Facebook or Twitter accounts.

      There were also no Twitter updates from the club during the women's game on the weekend, nor has there yet been a video package uploaded to youtube from that game.

      There's a vibe that things are not in a good state off the park at the moment, but I'd like to speak to some of those involved to get a better understanding of the situation.

      Unrelated to this, one of the folks who posts on has said that Leo has said after the club has finished conducting a review of how it ran the FFA Cup fixture, it will hold a members forum. I hope this happens.

    3. George Kouroumalis back in a more limited role... hopefully the social media feed kicks back into gear soon.

    4. So has Despina Batsas been let go ???

    5. As far as I'm aware, yes. I have not heard otherwise.


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