Wednesday, 24 May 2017

'Write that', he said...

Anyone expecting me to stay up into the wee hours of the morning crafting a post which makes sense of what happened tonight - you're out of luck.

First, it is already way past my bedtime, and second, you should all get some sleep as well, hard as that might be what with all the excitement.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, enjoy the win for what it was and frame a version in your own minds before I come in and do whatever it is I end up doing.

I hope I have something finished by noon tomorrow. 

But I probably won't. 

I'll try not to wait until the absolute latest moment possible to pull my finger out, but since that's how things are apparently now done at this club, why shouldn't I follow the club credo?


  1. With apologies to Geoff Goodfellow...

  2. I see it but i don't believe it comes to mind.

    Hellas FC

  3. "and shot me with his double-barrelled eyes"

  4. Hows he going with this project?

    "In 2006 Goodfellow began researching the cause, nature and origin of what he regards as the critical state of disharmony on the planet"

    1. I'm not sure, you may have to ask Syson...

      I'm no poetry freak - ask Syson, he reckons I destroy just about any poem I read - but Goodfellow's working class directness is often enough able to win me over to poetry's cause.


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