Wednesday, 21 September 2016

No Kevin Nelson artefact Wednesday - VPL 2006 Champions T-Shirt

This Saturday marks ten years since the 2006 VPL grand final, where we beat Altona Magic 1-0. To mark the occasion, South put out a commemorative championship t-shirt with the names of every player who played for South that year. All except one, that is. Striker Kevin Nelson's name does not appear on the t-shirt, for reasons which do not remain clear. Nelson's contract was terminated following a 2-0 win away at Melbourne Knights, during which he came off injured. Nelson took the matter to arbitration of some sort, the result of which I'm not certain. Just about everyone else who had a hand in that championship - other players who left, players who barely played, the massage therapist - managed to get on the shirt, but Nelson - who scored seven goals in 18 league appearances - did not. Now I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but I do suspect that this omission was deliberate, in which case it's a callous way of rewriting history.


  1. Ands it's too late now. Like when Mr Morgan didn't get to sign Steinbrenners birthday card before Kramer framed it!

    1. Great episode.

      It's like in the who shot Mr Burns episode when he thanks the simpsons family except Homer for the chocolates

  2. I put it down to a racist crusade by one person who a lot of people listen to. Somehow he managed to turn the whole club against Kevin Nelson.

    If I remember correctly, Nelson scored 7 goals in what was 11 full games worth of football. It was more games than that but many appearances were off the bench. A scoring rate that wasn't beaten until we signed lujic in the vpl. Let's not forget we had Shaun Kelly win a golden boot over a whole season with 5 goals and I don't remember our strikers getting anywhere near the flak Kevin Nelson had.

    I didn't like his playing style but he was scoring, which is what he was there for and by no means deserving the criticism being dishes out towards him.


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