Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Pioneer South women artefact Wednesday - South Melbourne Hellas Women's team photo

Now that the women are officially back reunited with the greater body of the club, it seems like a good time to publish this week's artefact. Last year the club received some correspondence from Katrina Theophanous, a former women's team player then known as Kitty Athanasiadis, who provided a photo of one of the club's original female teams, along with the following explanation:

"In this photo are my two younger sisters Poppy and Gina. Poppy has a scarf on, she played for the state team. I am front row Katrina Theophanous far left with the t shirt inside."

Now living in America, Katrina promised to get in touch with the club in February while in Australia to provide more photos, but I'm not sure that ever came to pass - here's hoping that it did, or if not, then I at least hope efforts are being made to keep in touch with her...

The original South Melbourne Womens team played its first known season in 1978, winning promotion and gradually becoming one of the stronger teams in the women's comps, behind the all conquering Greensborough side of that era. South Womens' best ever league finishes were second in 1980 and 1981, as well as making the cup final in 1980, which they lost to Greensborough 4-2. The women's wing of the club appears to have dissolved after the end of the 1982 season, as the South Melbourne Hellas name does not appear in the available records after that season. What happened to that part of the club, as well as the players, is not known to me, but it would be great to find out. At some point (the exact details of which are lost on a now long depart SMWFC website), South Melbourne Hellas took over Greensborough, reintroducing women's soccer back to South Melbourne. As for the twists and turns since then, they are for another time.

And of course anyone that can fill in some details as to the who all the people are in this photo, we'd be much obliged.

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  1. You mean to say that these big bad ethnic neanderthals had a womens team? You know, if I wasnt such a media puppet, I'd be inclined to believe they were a solid founding rock of the sport in this country.


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