Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Vic Uni St Albans Campus artefact Wednesday - South fan profile

When Victoria University academic and sometime blogger Ian Syson wants someone to help clean out and/or organise his office space, he calls in the professionals. And by professionals, I mean me, because I did get paid to do it a couple of times.

As part of said organising process, I get to keep duplicate books (usually novels - I still need to read Mary Barton and Dr No) as well whatever other crap Syson decides he no longer needs. Thus I ended up in the situation whereby I came into possession of some decade old soccer magazines. Most of these were copies of Soccer International (about 4-5 copies, if you want them, contact me) and one copy of Action Soccer.

The photo below is from Action Soccer, a magazine I know next to nothing about. This version of it had the banner on the front claiming to be 'your essential guide to thr 1999-2000 NSL season', and I guess it performs that function adequately. There's all sorts of curious timepieces in there of course. Club profiles, rising star pieces, a Socceroos pullout poster, and a photo of Vaughan Coveny showing off his nipples.

But the bit I decided to pull out of there this time - I may revisit this magazine in future when struggling for artefacts to upload - was a fan profile. It was part of a set of four, and apart from ourselves, it included Carlton, Northern Spirit and Perth Glory profiles (which if people who support(ed) those teams want, I can provide via email).

It's a pretty spot on profile - fickle, but not that bad, limited chants as they were at the time with more focus on abuse/opinion, and of course good travelling support. I don't know about the rest of them, but the bloke in blue smack bang in the middle of the inset photo still comes to games. Hell of a guy. Click on the photo to enlarge it - maybe you're in there somewhere.


  1. Bottom Left the ever present 'Banger'.

    Savvas Tzionis

    1. Of course, how careless of me. Also recognise one other person in there, now that I've paid more attention.

  2. The loyalty bit is funny now.

  3. That photo was taken away to Syd Utd. It was the second leg where we drew 0-0 and qualified for the '99 grand final. (We had won the first leg 2-1)

  4. wow... this pic first appeared in NK

    Sydney United @ Edensor Park 1999!

    Yep thats me dead centre a little excited... many people in that photo who i didn't know back then, have remained close mates. Paul being one of them right next to me.


    1. That's right mate, that's me in the black top holding a scarf above my head.

  5. Is that Andrew Mesourouni to the right clapping?

    Oh that's right, he only came to the club last week

  6. Mesorouni does a lot for the club, anonymous swipes at him does absolutely nothing.

  7. We are no better than Oakleigh with that attitude. Bow down to our sugardaddy overlord!


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