Friday, 4 January 2013

12 Days of NSL Talkback - Zeljko 4

Zeljko thinks that Culina isn't as good Postecoglou


  1. Wise man, Zeljko!

    In the earlier days of Super Soccer Sunday (what radio station was that again?), anyone calling in named Zeljko or Dragan, you were guaranteed a laugh or two (often because the caller was using fake names!).

    Savvas Tzionis

  2. Any chance of finding that call "Jim from Altona" made ?
    think it had something to do with Preston getting relegated.
    See what u can do.

  3. Zlatko, unfortunately I think that unless someone breaks into the SEN offices and steals the tape, that call will forever be available only in the memory of those lucky enough to hear it.

    Lot of excitement that day in the car on the way home - the driver explored all three lanes of Millers Road near Altona Gate shopping centre. Lucky it was a Sunday.

  4. Super Soccer Sunday was on 3AK. How good was it when they would broadcast a 6pm match then come back around 10pm with 2 hours of talkback, interviews etc..then straight to Italy for Serie A. Some of the talkback reached epic proportions, you got the feeling alot of the time that even though they had to cut someone off, deep inside the hosts wanted it to keep going.


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