Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2012 Hellenic Cup Fixtures now out

Not up on their website just yet, but our 2012 Hellenic Cup group stage fixture is now available. Fewer groups, and probably higher calibre competition because of that - but also because the state leagues this season begin very soon after the VPL season, and thus those teams won't be in the early stages of pre-season.

All games at Kingston.

Sunday 19th February, 5:30, vs Bentleigh Greens

Sunday 26th February, 7:00, vs Kingston

Saturday 3rd March, 7:00, vs qualifier

Top 2 from group progress to quarter finals.


  1. 1 ground at Western Suburbs.
    This should be interesting, as there seems to be no break in between matches, or at half time.

  2. Good on the Hellenic Cup committee for not measuring twice and cutting once.

  3. If people want the hellenic cup fixtures, they are available on soccer-forum. Otherwise, email the Hellenic Cup people at


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